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7 Tips for Planning a Trip to Europe

Europe is on the bucket list of every traveler. Perfect for a family vacation, a romantic honeymoon or a backpacking sojourn, Europe is one of the best places to visit.

While the huge continent dotted with beautiful cities will seem overwhelming when you begin planning a trip, here are some quick tips that will help you check out the perfect itinerary planner


Pick the right countries -

Europe has diverse range of countries that not only differ in the culture but also have a vastly varying geography. While Italian coast will be sunny in October, October marks the beginning of winter in Switzerland. If traveling to Europe for the first time, pick destinations that have similar climate so that you don’t need to pack for various climates nor would you have health surprises!

Choose the Right Schengen Visa -

Schengen Visa is required to travel to around 22 countries of Europe and with a Schengen visa you can travel within these countries with the help of Europe trip planner. The only thing to keep in mind is, you have to apply a Schengen visa in the embassy of the country that will be wither be the entry point for you in Europe and/or the country where you are going to spend the maximum time during your vacation. That set, you are good to go!

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Use the Euro Rail

Euro Rail is one of the most efficient and cheap ways to travel around Europe. The trains are fast, frequent and have a variety of coaches, so you can pick one according to your budget. Besides, the scenic journey will perhaps be the best sightseeing on your travel.

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Choose the perfect destinations 

Europe offers a diverse array of cities that have a mix-trix of culture and history. While Rome will be loaded with beautiful monuments and buildings of artistic and historic significance, Plymouth will be a great place for winter sports. Always keep a tab on what kind of vacation you want to have and pick the cities according to your choice!

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Create your itinerary

With so many attractions, so many activities and so many countries, traveling on the go might not be the best idea when planning a trip to Europe. Keep you itinerary handy. Chalk out the dates and days well in advance and plan what you are going to do on that particular day. Book inter-country transports, guides and special tours well-in advance to avail the cheapest prices.

Book your accommodation

Europe can be crowded almost all round the year and especially during te holidays season. Booking accommodation in advance will ensure you get the cheapest deals. Also, if you are planning to take the public transport to explore the city, choose an accommodation near the city center or near a major train station so that you save time and hassle on getting around.

Be a traveler not a tourist

While traveling to Europe is itself not an easy task, the best way to explore the continent is by taking it one by one. Do not stuff your Europe itinerary with too many places and countries. Rather, pick one or two countries and roam around them dedicatedly. You don’t miss out on anything and you get to explore the inner, local spirit of that country!



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