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What is a Travel Itinerary Exactly?

It looks so easy when someone you know says something like ‘mountains are calling my name’ and then they suddenly disappear for days. They return with lovely souvenirs, their social media pages filled with thrilling stories and exquisite pictures of a faraway land. You cannot help but feel the strongest urge to pack your bags and experience all the excitement right away. But, wait! Trip planning is not so easy. Especially if you are travelling to a foreign country, you need to plan every single thing.

That’s when travel itinerary comes into a picture. If you are not a frequent traveller, then you must be wondering what kind of itinerary is this. In simple words - travel itinerary is the schedule of your trip. Details like where you are going, when and how you are travelling, where you are staying, which places you are visiting, contact numbers of all these places, are usually included in the itinerary. Looks like a lot of planning, doesn’t it? But, when you plan a vacation, you must consider all these things.


But why is it important to make a travel itinerary? It will help in prioritizing what you want to do. It will be a lot easier to commute and cover all your planned destinations with the help of an itinerary. You will have an almost exact idea of how much money you will be spending. It will give you a lot of time to manage your expenses. For budget travellers, these itineraries are a boon.


For instance - Not an art lover? You will know in an instant which place you can skip. Shopping freak? List of all the shopping hubs will be in front of you even before you blink an eye. Customizing a vacation and was never so easy. Many times, you may forget to consider things like traffic and weather conditions. Unforeseeable events can affect your journey. Itinerary planners take all these things into consideration and give you breathing spaces throughout a day.


There are many countries where you need to submit your travel itinerary beforehand. Sometimes, the authorities can demand to see these itineraries. And if not the authorities, giving a copy to your loved ones before leaving for a vacation, is always a good idea. It will give them a fair idea about your plans.

Next time, before packing your bags, make a travel itinerary. It does not mean that you cannot explore or wander when you are travelling, it only means you are looking forward to hassle-free trips.



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