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This holiday season splurge on a lavish vacation with family in Europe. You can't treat yourself or your family to something better than an European holiday. The continent is rich with countries that have fascinating cities to designed to make your holiday perfect. When you travel to Europe, you realize that the world has so much more glamor to it, while Europe sightseeing introduces you to artistic and natural beauty on another level altogether. So if you've finally made up your mind to explore this continent this holiday season with the help of trip planner, here is a list of options for you to choose from ecstatic Europe.

Europe things to do and see -


Do you actually need an explanation to why you should travel to London? Visit the elegant British museum, get a glimpse of the tower of London, and the avant-garde Tate Modern which come highly recommended. The city has something in store for everyone that comes its way. There it is an ideal family destination.



This fashion capital of course calls for a whole lot of shopping and a visit to the Eiffel tower. But that not all what Paris is about. This city houses marvels of art and serves some sinful cuisines. You have old churches and museum here as well. A perfect family holiday sure comprises of good food, decent places (check the best Paris tours), shopping and a whole lot of fun. Where better than Paris can you find it in a combo?



An enthralling city with a sparkling nightlife and yummy cuisines. Berlin serves as a trend setter and is pretty modern in terms of fashion and otherwise. The city is home to museums, memorials and plenty of attractions that are historically significant.



A romantic perfect. If family is you and your spouse alone, you need not look further, make a stop at Venice. However, even if you choose to visit Venice with parents and kids the city will not let you down. You can explore the many theaters, churches, historic sites and notable eateries on your perfect family holiday here.



The artistic city boasts of ancient museums, Picasso paintings, marvelous architecture, old churches and delicious cuisine. The scenic beauty and picturesque views of Florence makes it tough to make a choice and pick one destination to travel to in Europe.



A city where the old and new unite. Barcelona is home to ancient as well as recent architecture. The city is home to churches, museums, parks and hosts a throbbing nightlife. It also offers magnificent views of the Mediterranean.



You'll fall in love with the airport to begin with. Amsterdam is not only a red light district of a city flooded with coffee shops. You need to visit here to understand its core. The other side of the coin is stacked with shopping outlets, equisite restaurants serving Indonesian cuisine and can also serve as an educational excursion for kids.



The city of music that spreads love! Prague is more like a fairy land with ancient Gothic architectural structures and fascinating surroundings. The city is more a less a package that includes everything at a price that wont be too harsh on your pocket.



Art lovers should make a stop here. The gorgeous city is a whisk of art and music with a pat of history. With family you can enjoy the exquisite sights and grab your bit of historic knowledge in Vienna.



This is more about traditional cuisines wines and olives paired with mesmerizing views of the city. Tuscany falls in the countryside of Italy and therefore is a blend of elegant cypress trees, castles-turned-wineries-turned-hotels, cascading hills, sprawling vineyards and a lot more.



With a part in Europe and a part in Asia, Istanbul is a piece of two continents. The city therefore is rich with heritage and history. The commendable architecture, churches, malls, bazaars and more make Istanbul an ideal destination with family especially.

Istanbul-2615727_640 (1)


There's nothing like this blessed city in Europe. You can't afford to skip this city. Rome, the city of seven hills is often considered magical and eternal. This city is therefore ideal for a family vacation in Europe. The enchanting city is best for its Italian cuisines and the Pizza Navona. While Rome surrounds the Vatican city, go with family and explore the artistic Vatican museums. Explore more with tours to Rome for better travel experience.


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