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Vienna is the capital of Austria. It is also ranked among the largest city of Austria. The population of Vienna comes to around 1.73 million and this is the most important city in Austria. According to the studies conducted till the 20th century this city was among the largest German speaking city in the world. The city also has earned a nick name for itself – it is known as the City of Music. In the olden times there were many Roman settlements. You may plan your trip using vacation planner for awesome travel experience.

ViennaVienna sightseeing is a romantic venture. The city has rich cultural heritage. A vacation to city of Vienna is deal for couples, families and also old age people. The city has everything for everyone. There are various types of tours which are available in the city. Vienna city has many interesting places to be seen. Some of the major Vienna places to visit are mentioned hereunder:

Hofburg Palace –

this majestic palace is located in the heart of Vienna. This was the home to Habsburg who was the rulers of Innsbruck. The actual date of construction of the palace is not known by the experts but still some of them believe that it was built way back in the 13th century.

Hofburg PalaceThe Hofburg Palace is a huge place to be seen. It consists of six museums, the popular winter riding school, there is chapel which houses more than twelve bronze statues of Austrian Nobles. There is also a national library and a greenhouse. The greenhouse is known for the variety of fruits and plants of different species from across the world. The palace also he park where the tourists can enjoy and unwind themselves. At present the Hofburg palace is the residence of the President of Austria. This palace is extremely popular among the tourists from across the world and ranked high in Vienna sightseeing.

Ringstrasse – 

The Ringstrasse is a huge avenue which depicts the walled city of Vienna. This avenue was built way back in the 19th century. After this was built there was a tremendous change in the appearance and the urban landscape of the city. The protective walls of the avenue were meant to protect the city of Vienna.

RingstrasseIn the year 1857 these walls were destroyed and a new broad boulevard which is now known as the Ringstrasse was built. This new broad boulevard had impressive buildings, parks and monuments. Among the structures built the most important was the town hall, University in the city of Vienna, Burg Theater and the Parliament and the most important the state Opera.

Schonbrunn Palace –

This is an absolutely magnificent palace to be visited. This is one of the best Places to see in Vienna. This was built in the middle age times in the city of Vienna. This palace has been declared as the UNESCO world heritage site and this palace is the best example of a great royal palace.

SchonbrunnThis palace has many attractive places to be seen among them are the beautiful parks with fountains, beautiful monuments, zoological gardens and other pretty gardens. There are also many out buildings which houses more than one thousand workers working on the Schonbrunn Palace.

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