Top ten reasons to visit Atlanta and to spend a perfect vacation in Atlanta
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Explore Atlanta sightseeing and enjoy in the mixed culture and traditions this vacation

With the revitalization movement of the downtown in atlantes, there are more significant places to see in Atlanta with geared the land for the preparation of the Olympic Games in the year 1996. Atlanta is a more tourist friendly city with excellent public transport systems, great attractions and lots of hotel and dining options. Let us explore some of the best Atlanta sightseeing spots in our article. You can explore more with itinerary planner for better travel experience.

Best places to visit in Atlanta:

The Aquarium:

The Georgia aquarium is located on the downtown of Atlanta and is been open for public viewing from the year 2005. The aquarium has more than eight gallons of water and enough aquatic life, compared with all others in the world. It is also the largest aquarium ever made by man.


World of Coco-cola:

This was opened in the year 2007, in the heart of the city of Atlanta downtown from the Centennial Olympic park. The facility has more than thousand artefacts and exhibits and is open for public viewing. A 4D theatre, views of the bottling line that produced 8 ounce bottles of the drink and a tasting lounge with free samples are its highlights.


Martin Luther king historic site:

This national historical place draws the attention of tourists all over the world, and is basically a living memorial complex and one of the best Atlanta places to visit. Visitors are given the opportunity to pay homage to the king’s cemetery and to explore his legacy and his life.


Olympic park:

This centennial facility was developed for the summer Olympics in the year 1996 and was later designated for public use. This is a 21 acre downtown facility with the largest interactive fountain with the Olympic ring symbol. There are exhibits water gardens and children play zones to enhance its beauty. It has ample scope for Atlanta sightseeing as special annual events and festivals are hosted in the park in winter season.


Museum of art and the woodruff arts centre:

This is one of the top places to see in Atlanta and is the centre for visual arts and performance centres in the city. The woodruff arts centre has this art museum along with alliance theatre, 14th street playhouse and the symphony orchestra and offers comprehensive entertainment portals for its visitors.

CNN tour:

This is the behind the scenes tour favouring the CNN news channel at its global head station. The tour is open daily and lasts for less than an hour to explore the real happenings at the station. It is important to reserve one’s presence for the tour.

Atlanta centre for history:

This place indeed connects people with their culture and history. There are exhibits here depicting memories of the civil war, folks and arts of the south and the development of Atlanta across ages. There are children playhouses and a living history farm to offer a comprehensive cultural experience for the tourists.


Botanical garden:

The garden is located at the midtown of Atlanta and is spread over 30 acres of gardens and has the best orchids in the entire nation offering the perfect Atlanta sightseeing. The rose gardens and the children gardens spread their fragrance to the entire world. There are on-going educational programs organised for all age groups here.


Fox theatre:

This is a premier entertainment venue in Atlanta and offers exclusive performances starting from concerts to movies and live shows to attract tourists.



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