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What to do in Jersey City

Jersey City is located in the state of New Jersey. It is a big city with a beautiful skyline. Known for its avenues through water, this city serves an important port for trade of goods. Most of the people are involved with industrial work in this city. In the olden times, Jersey City was inhabited by Dutch people who had their whole level of civilization in the city. After that era’s end, the remnants of their stay have remained till date and are important for the tourism of this city. You can also plan a trip to New Jersey for best travel experience.


Popular for:

The most popular place to visit in Jersey City is the 9/11 memorial. The name of this memorial is Empty sky which itself is so capturing. This is the memorial based on the terrorist attacks on World Trade Centre by the Al Qaeda group. The second thing to see is the Statue of Liberty. Every year, this statue attracts tourists from all over the world. And the next most famous place is the Liberty State Museum which is a science center. This place is completely dedicated to the branch of science. The best part about this place is the IMAX movie.

Liberty_State_Park _Jersey_City_NJ

Recreational activities:

There are several ways of recreation in Jersey City. Golf is very famous in this city especially at Chelsea Piers. People can also rent bikes to Central Park and ride to their hearts content. One can easily enjoy the scenic beauty of Jersey City after renting these bikes. There is a museum of Jewish heritage located in this city which has an intricate display of stuff related to Judaism and its culture. One can also go to the gaming parlor known as King Games. This parlor offers all sorts of games like chess, video games, etc. Also, the Shen Tao studio is a place meant for peace and relaxation. It offers yoga and meditation classes.


When to visit:

One should know when to visit Jersey City. The best time to visit Jersey City from September to October. These months have a pleasant weather- one that is neither too warm, nor too cold. Yet, most of the festivals are conducted in the month of April, June and July. In April, a four day long festival takes place which is totally dedicated to Jazz music. Everything about this festival is totally musical. On the 4th of July, the Jersey City arts festival takes place which is also a high tourist attraction.



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