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Cancun is one of the most underrated destinations when it comes to the entire world for travel but definitely the best destination when it comes to travelling the Mexican style. If you are thinking of how to plan a trip for 48 hours to Cancun, then there are plenty of options for you. Here is what you can do to enjoy your trip to the fullest:


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Bask in the glory of the sands

MexicoWhile a lot of properties have amazing private beaches, there are also various public beaches where you can visit and enjoy. The crowds are full of relaxed vibes and are quite lively as well. The lovely blue waters and the pristine sands make sure that you enjoy the amazing beaches and have the quintessential Mexican experience.


Enjoy some man-made snorkeling

SnorkelingIf you are thinking of how to plan a trip to Cancun differently than everybody else, then you definitely should include Cancun underwater Museum in your itinerary. You can enjoy snorkelling here and see the hundreds of underwater sculptures that are situated under the sea. The museum has a lot to offer and people come from across the world to experience this attraction!


Have a lot of fun while enjoying a hearty meal

Cancun has so many delectable dishes to offer. The Mexican food anyway is second to none and the fajitas, nachos are just the tip of the iceberg. The cuisine ranges from flavorsome to amazing textures. You should really try out the dishes to completely have the Cancun experience.


Gather all the energy for enjoying amazing shows and live music

Cancun’s nightlife is one of the most enviable night lifes of the world. The amazing shows as well as the live music that is played here is unique to the Cancun culture. If you still have energy left after a long day, then you can definitely enjoy the night with some unwinding music!



Witness the splendor of the Mayan culture

Mayan cultureAlthough, Cancun was founded only 40 years ago- it is the remains of the Mayan culture which makes the city extremely famous. Visit the Cancun Archaeological Museum which is a testament to the Mayan culture. Including pieces from the sites of Quintana Roo, Palenque and Chichén Itzá, this museum is open all week long and even has free admissions on Sunday.


Go crazy with the water sports

There are so many water sport centres in Cancun and there are 25 different activities to choose from. You can choose which one to opt for to enjoy your afternoon completely. Renting a jet ski, take a jungle tour, travel on a glass bottom boat or become a certified instructor.


Enjoy a safe version of piracy on a ship!

Captain Hook is one of the most famous ships of Mexico. Here you can enjoy full Pirates of the Caribbean style and spend the evening admiring the lovely waters of Cancun. It is basically a modern reconstruction of an 18th century ship and is pretty awesome.


Time to really enjoy fish fried tacos

Fish fried tacosThe mexican food is mind blowing. Tacos in particular has a lot of fan following. The fish fried tacos are something you definitely should try out while in Cancun. You get them in a lot of places, but El Galeon is the most popular place for this dish- also known as pescadillas.

Cancun has all types of fun experiences to offer, provided you make the most of it. Right from food to beaches to nightlife, you just need to pick what you like and Cancun has a provision to provide you that!



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