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Every year brings out a host of reasons to travel across the world and you have new opportunities coming your way. Plan your trip to Las Vegas, Hawaii or any of the breathtaking destinations that you’ve been longing to visit. According to the frequency of travelers found on online vacation planner websites, it is been understood that 78% people prefer holidaying during the peak season, that is December and January. So, here we’re going to help you create a best travel itinerary for your upcoming vacation plans of 2018!

1. Rio De Janeiro –


If you thought you’ve seen all of the marvelous Brazil during 2014 World Cup, get ready to be amazed with the new look. Nightlife, wine, fine cuisine, street shopping and lots more to indulge in, when in Rio. You may even plan a road trip to get a glimpse of the beautiful Brazil. The best time to visit Rio is between December and March.

2. India –


Namaste! Here’s a surprise for all you travel junkies and moreover wildlife fans. Remember the cult Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling? The classic story was inspired by the wildlife and landscapes at Madhya Pradesh state. The Satpura National Park, Kanha and Pench National Park are some of the wildlife resorts where you can spot the majestic Bengal tiger and most other exotic animals. So to find out more about this adventure, get in touch with your tour planner and make your travel plans today.

3. Japan –


One exciting reason to visit Japan is the new bullet train link to the north’s wide open spaces. It was said that by the end of March, the new bullet train would link Tokyo with Hokkaido. It is Japan’s northern most main island and is considered to be the most crowded adventure spot. Travelers head towards this vast expanse of forest for trekking, hiking, climbing and camping. During winters, the heavy snowfall makes it the most perfect destination for skiing. The local travel planners would guide you throughout for all the activities.

4. Copenhagen –

Nordic cuisine

Denmark, the ultimate foodie’s delight destination becomes a lot more affordable now. High end restaurants, Nordic cuisine, shopping malls and much more at Copenhagen. If you’ve never visited this place before, mark it the first one on your itinerary template. If you’re still unsure about your living and travel arrangements, check out some itinerary planner apps like Skyscanner and TripIt.

5. Peru -


Discover the unseen, head to the most amazing Peruvian capital. Peru has always been the most popular travel destination in South America for the British visitors. Machu Pichhu is yet another attraction for the tourists. The Peruvian capital continues to be a spotlight destination for the people who’re fond of food, drink and contemporary art culture. You can also get in touch with the locals and get a free trip planner guide for most of the destinations.

6. Costa Rica -

Costa Rica

Beaches, forests, wildlife and volcanoes, Costa Rica brings to you, all of this! Luxurious resorts, tree houses, wildlife sanctuaries and lots of delicious food comes your way in Costa Rica. What’s more? It has a wide array of endemic species, national parks, mountains, jungles, volcanoes and endless green landscapes. Manuel Antoni National Park is one such place worth visiting. So get ready to make your tour plans to Costa Rica and experience the beauty called nature!

7. Italy -


Romance thrives here at every corner and you can only smell the beauty of this place each time you step out for a walk. Italy is well known for its super cinematic Gondola Rides and the amazing street shops in Venice. The best time to go to Italy is during winter and fall seasons. Book your tickets and get a handy trip planning guide and laze around the streets of colonial Venice. Enjoy the exotic Italian food and shopping on the go!

Make sure you plan all these trips well in advance and check for seasonal holiday offers, discounts. Pre planning your trip will help you save monies on your travels. What’s more? You get a lot of free time for packing and sorting things out before heading to your journey.


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