Australia Travel Tips

Budget Solo International Vacation Ideas

They say, “Travelling alone is the single best gift you can give yourself” and how true! Your reasons to travel solo may be many, but embarking on adventures with unfiltered prejudices can be such a soul-satisfying experience. Travelling can teach you a lot about yourself too. You will discover newer passions, newer strengths, overcome a few fears and come back much more confident than you have ever been. So, it is time you took that leap of faith. Use this trip planner, click on ‘Plan My Trip’ and set off into the world.Do not let the thin wallet worry you, here are a few tips on how to plan a budget solo trip:

Book flights having long stopovers:

These flights come much cheaper plus you can even do a small tour of the city you are stopping over at, provided you have a valid visa. Also, look for red-eye flights.

Stay with the locals:

Book yourself Airbnb’s or homestays. This way, you will save some big buck and will also come across the best-kept secrets of the city; like which is the best bar in town, or where can I view the best sunrise.Accommodation-965474_640

Book the city passes online at discounted prices

The many travel reviews that are available over various travel forums will help you know more about discounted city passes, hop-on-hop-off busses, sightseeing passes and more. Secure one at the earliest.


Travel greener and cheaper

Buy yourself a travel card and take a bus, or the subway. Some cities even offer you travel + sightseeing passes. Keep an eye for those!

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Buy the souvenir at the local market

Planning to buy those ‘City fridge magnets’ for your folks back home? Get them at a local market instead of gift shops or even airports.

Pizza for dinner

Order in, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the pizza for dinner. Or try some street food; or eat with the locals, eat like a local.

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Ditch the duty-free shopping!

I know how tempting those beautiful, twinkly shops look. And with long hours to kill, this seems like a perfect trap. Rather, grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable in the waiting lounge and read that favourite book of yours. 

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Planning the trip already? Let’s take a look at some of the best solo travel destinations from around the world and why should you visit them:

  • Australia – Safe to travel, English-speaking country
  • Thailand – Beautiful beaches, friendly hospitality
  • Bhutan – Happiest country in the world, a brand new cultural experience
  • Costa Rica – Abundant adventures, great food
  • Bali – Amazing landscapes, and many massages!!   

Things That Make You Love and Hate Sydney

The adventurous and largely populated tourist attraction spot, Sydney has been the most visited city and the first choice on every traveler’s bucket list. While there are the ad-ons and odds to every place, Sydney too has some really amazing factors to die for and some shortcomings you would hate it for. Well, if you want to have a well planned trip, we have shared awesome tricks on Sydney travel tips in our Sydney travel guide. Do give it a read.

For now, let’s check out the city at its best and worst!

1. Climate –


Well, the city experiences different shades of weather and seasonal ups and downs, This, as a traveler might trouble you as the jet-lags also no do seem to go off quickly and you keep dozing in the ever fluctuating climatic conditions. Winters are usually extremely cold alike any other European city. Summers are relatively hot that you can have a good sunbath at the beaches. But if you’re someone who gets cranky if outside your comfort zones, this might irritate you.

2. Crowded Streets –

Crowded Streets

Being a favorite tourist spot has its own benefits and problems as well. At Sydney, you should just forget about wide open peaceful calm places. Especially if you’re planning to spend a quiet evening at the beaches over here, it would be a matter of joke for the locals as you will never find the city at silence. So, if you’re someone who loves solitude, you might end up hating Sydney for its ever buzzing hustle bustle surroundings.  

3. Too Many Fast Food Joints –

Too Many Fast Food Joints

Food! You cannot hate it; you can either love it or try to avoid it to some extent. So not sure if this makes you happy or skeptical, but that’s how it is. You end up eating loads of heavy stuffed junk food and put on those extra tons of calories. Every traveler, by default is a foodie and trying ample of yummy delicacies is something he/she would die for. So, this is one reason you would love Sydney for!

4. People –

Local people

Locals are really warm in gestures and welcoming. The city was once a playground for the Hollywood celebs like Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt and a few more. People in Sydney are quite entertaining and super friendly. The city is vibrant and holds extreme positive fresh energy, which you as a traveler are surely going to love. The essence of the place lies in its fast pace lifestyle, lots of tourist crowd and beautiful beaches alongside.

5. Tourist Spots –

Tourist Spots

Opera House, Harbor Bridge, Sydney Tower, Queen Victoria Building and many other super fascinating spots in Sydney that catch tourists’ eye. As a traveler, you have lots to explore in the city, right from the theatres, shopping centers, museums and these spots. The public transport facilities are even quite hassle free and convenient from a traveler’s point of view.

6. Super Equipped Beaches –

Sydney Beach

All the beaches in Sydney are equipped with luxury rooms, rest rooms, wash rooms, bath areas, changing rooms and are technologically sound as well. There are tiny food courts, play areas for kids and reaching city from the beaches is also quite well planned. So, basically if you’re a new visitor in Sydney, this is something you would thank the city for.

Be a smart traveler and get the perfect overview of the place before you take the trip. Hire an expert Sydney trip planner who would provide you all the necessary details if you’re thinking of a trip to Australia anytime soon