5 Countries Which Allow Indians To Apply Online For Visa

While making plan for a overseas vacation, the one thing that takes most of your time is getting Visa. Gathering all the documents, standing in long queques all of it takes lot of efforts and time for that much needed vacation. While there are some countries which offer visa on arrival for Indians, some countries do offer an e-visa policy meaning you can obtain the visa beforehand by applying for it online. So here are 5 countries that lets you apply for an e-visa:


Sri Lanka:

The close neighbour requires an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), but don't worry this is the quickest visa you will ever get from any country. Applly online, pay the fees and you have your visas within 5 minutes!! Apply here


Myanmar or Burma as it is popularly known is an undiscovered gem. The country is blessed with breathtaking beauty and charm that is steeped in intriguing history and traditions. Apply Here But keep in mind that the E-visa is valid only if you land at the Yangon international airport. It won't be valid if you are landing at any other airport or arriving by land.


You can easily plan for a 2-3 day trip to this stunning destinations in UAE. Bahrain is the only country in GCC that allow Indian passport holders to apply for visa online. Apply Here


"You can now apply for the visa online and you will receive it in the comfort of your home within 48 hours,” Malaysian Minister of Tourism and Culture Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz has announced in Feb-17. Also now only a $20 processing fee will be charged, while the visa fee has been waived. Apply here


To get the Travel Authorization Certificate, the applicant should have a valid visa for US, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia or New Zealand. Apply here

The others to mention are: Turkey, Sao Tome and Principe, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Vietnam, Singapore.

3 Days Custom Vacation to India- Bhutan- Nepal by Travel Planner

If you are looking for the perfect journey plan to visit India- Bhutan and Nepal in 3 days, taking the guidance of a vacation planner will be the ideal decision. Visiting three countries in 3 days is not a matter of joke. To execute this otherwise impossible task, what you need is the perfect trip plan. It isn’t possible to cover all the important places of three countries in just three days. A travel planner will help you to prioritize the sites to visit according to its significance and importance. As India has one of the Seven Wonders of the World, similarly Bhutan has the magnificent landscape. Including the marvelous beauty of the sacred temple of Nepal will give your adventure holiday a multifaceted experience. Each day in each country will not leave you with much time to add more than one or two places in each location. Therefore, the journey of exploring three countries begins as given in a below-mentioned way.

Day 1 Taj Mahal in India, the Country of Diversity

Taj Mahal

Once you land in New Delhi, the capital of India, your vacation begins with starting for Agra to visit the Taj Mahal, a magnificent creation of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. It is a mausoleum made of ivory-white marble and situated at the bank of the river Yamuna. Shah Jahan had ordered to make this beautiful mausoleum in the loving memory of her favorite wife Mumtaz. Once you enter the premises, you won’t be able to keep track of time, as the spectacular example of Mughal architecture is spellbinding. If you are left with time enough, a vacation planner will guide you to visit also the Agra Fort which was located on the other side of the river Yamuna. Using so many adjectives won't be able to express the beauty and attraction of these Mughal architectures. Coming to the various eating options available in the country, no matter in which restaurants you have your breakfast, lunch or dinner, the ultimate objective should be experimenting with different delicious Indian food.

Day 2 Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal, a Land Of Temples


As you are visiting Nepal for just one day, an ideal vacation planner would suggest you visiting the beautiful and the biggest temple of Lord Shiva, the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu. In a one day trip to the capital of the city, you can also add Patan Darbar Square and the Boudhanath Stupa in your vacation plan. The glorious Pashupatinath Temple is completely made by bronze in a pagoda style. It has four doors in the four directions. There is no record found about when the temple was first built. It is listed in the World Heritage Site given by UNESCO. While visiting such a mesmerizing country, do not forget to try out the famous Nepalese cuisines.

Day 3 Paro in Bhutan, the Land Of Thunder Dragon


The last day of your custom vacation will be the tranquil valley of Paro in Bhutan. The valley encapsulates a thousand wonders of nature and hundreds of legends. Rinpung Dzong and Ta Dzong are two of the most significant places of interests in Bhutan. The former tower has been turned into the National Museum of the country. And the second commemorates the victory over the Tibetans and stands with all its glory. Bhukari at Uma by Como serves one of the most delicious Bhutanese foods, though there are other choices as well.

After the hectic vacation is over, when you will leave for your home, you’ll carry the forever young and unforgettable memories of the three countries with you. Your tailor made vacation will offer you the serenity of Bhutan, as well as the glory of the Mughal Empire of India and the traditional beauty of Nepal.

The Perfect Short Vacation Planner to China

A vacation plan is very essential to make the most out of your trip. Having a perfect trip plan helps you manage your time more efficiently and also, you save a lot. Everybody should at least take a vacation twice in a year, small or a long one. Coming down to the places you can visit for a shirt 3 days trip, China is one of the places you can be at. It is full of culture, great architecture and some amazing Chinese food to satisfy your taste buds. You may plan your trip for awesome China vacation.

Here is a journey plan for 3 day trip to China, to help you make the most out of it.

Beijing, the capital city has got it all to make your trip memorable. With its rich culture and history, Beijing boasts USECO sites around every corner, along with many other attractions.

China Wall
Starting off with the history of the city, The Great Wall of China should be on number one in your trip plan. It is really an amazing to be on the longest wall in the world. You should visit this place to witness the architecture and history of ancient Chinese Emperors and how they built the wall. Also, it is one amongst the UNSECO Heritage sites in China.

China has a great amount of history which brings us to the second must visit place on your trip, Forbidden City- the Palace Museum. This palace is host to 5000 years of traditional Chinese art making it one of the must visit places here. You can indulge yourself in history by taking a guided tour here, so that you witness the history about the Emperors and everything.

Jingshan Park here is one of the oldest and beautiful parks. You must visit this place to see the beautiful pavilions with carved stones and lush green fields with varieties of flowers. There are several pagodas from ancient Chinese tradition here which gives this park altogether a different vibe. Also, you can spend evenings here while having a walk through the park.

Terracotta Army
Moving to the city of Xi’an, The Terracotta Army is one of the oldest monuments here which a must visit on your short trip to China.  The Terracotta Army has been underground for more than 2000 years which makes it a special visit.  It was found by an archaeological team many years back. It is a wonder to see the perfectly carved human figures back in olden times. You can head to Hangzou after the visit to Xi’an, which is known as the paradise on Earth. West Lake here is a beautiful manmade lake which is surrounded by mountains from the three sides. You can either take a walk around the lake or indulge yourself in a cruise ride. The whole atmosphere of the lake with the weather is what makes it a must visit while in Hanzou.

Coming back to the city of Beijing for the last day, Saniltun is a part of Chaoyang District of Beijing which boasts some of the most popular bar streets and international stores.  Indulge yourself in shopping to satisfy your shopping buds. Also, this street has some beautiful cafes where you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee while overlooking the crowded and colorful markets here.

Houhai Lake
Visit Houhai Lake in Beijing to see the magnificent lake where you can also enjoy a boat ride in the evening. Also, many residence places here are converted into beautiful restaurants, bars and cafes. A stone bridge across the lake here is a popular tourist spot where you can take a walk while witnessing the beautiful view of the cafes and district. So start vacation plan for China through travel website.

Thus, China is a perfect place for short custom vacations with all of its culture, art, heritage and amazing food.

12 Cutest Small Towns in America

Every little region and state in the United States of America has cute little towns, filled with beauty and charm of their own.

Here are the 12 cutest small towns in America.

1. Beaufort, South Carolina:

Beaufort is the second oldest city in the Palmetto State.

Moss draped oak trees and stunning historic homes adorn this small town located on Port Royal Island. You will find great antique and art shops and other unique stores here, which you will love exploring. There are a number of museums and historic sites at Beaufort, making it a must visit destination for those who love history. There are plenty of options for recreational activities like golfing, kayaking, etc. to entertain the adventurous side of you. You may also plan a vacation through trip planner for awesome experience.

2. Carmel-by-the-sea, California:

Carmel-by-the-sea is a European styled small town, and is a popular destination for tourists. White sand beaches, breath-taking scenery, beautiful architecture, boutiques, and delicious food joints, are more than enough reasons to attract people to this place. This town is also known for hosting a number of festivals and events through the year. When in Carmel-by-the-sea, of the many places, the San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission is a must visit.

3. Galena, Illinois:

Galena is situated in North-western Illinois on the Mississippi River. This charming little town has a romantic aura to it, and is a great place to visit, whether you are looking for food or shopping.

The streets of this town are adorned with beautiful 19th century buildings, art galleries, antique stores, and not to forget, some excellent food options. There are many historical sites here, along with options for adventure activities, like boating, hiking, and also some winter activities.

The highlights of this town are excellent bed and breakfasts, golf courses, wineries, and most importantly, the only ski resort in Illinois.

4. Port Townsend, Washington:

Port Townsend is a beautiful town with stunning scenery, art galleries, and numerous outdoor activities. This place has colourful historic Victorian mansions and many century old buildings. A lot of events take place in this town through the year, like the Victorian Festival and theatrical productions at the Key City Public Theatre.

5. Stowe, Vermont:

Being home to Vermont’s highest mountain, this is a popular destination for skiers, also known as the Ski-Capital of the East.

Stowe, Vermont
Stowe is a great place to visit at any time of the year. Located in Northern Vermont, this is a must visit place for history buffs, as well as adventurists. Various winter sports, biking, hiking, canoeing, and various other outdoor activities can be enjoyed here. Stowe is also a good destination for you if you are interested in performing arts, art galleries, and museums.

6. Taos, New Mexico:

Taos is located in north-central New Mexico. Whether you are looking to explore history, nature or art, this is the place to be. Taos is a great place for history buffs, culture buffs, art lovers, nature lovers, adventure lovers, and shoppers.

7. Whitefish, Montana:

Whitefish, Montana
Whitefish, located near the Glacier National Park, is another destination which is worth visiting at any time of the year, especially for those who are into outdoor adventures, and activities. While this is a place where you can visit through the year, the months of autumn and spring are great for biking, and the summer is well suited for horse-back riding and water sports.

This town also has a large ski resort.

8. Sitka, Alaska:

Sitka is located at the foot of glacial mountains, and on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. This small town, which is accessible only by sea or air, is beautiful with its dome shaped Russian heritage and buildings.

9. Ketchum, Idaho:

Ketchum, Idaho

Sun Valley which is located nearby, and is largely popular for skiing, is easily accessible from this town. You can also involve yourself in a number of other outdoor activities like biking, trail riding, hiking, and fishing.

10. Mystic, Connecticut:

This town has the country’s largest maritime museum, and the beauty of this place lies in its stunning ocean views. Apart from the maritime museum, Mystic is also known for its colonial-era buildings, a huge aquarium, and a very famous pizzeria among all foodies.

11. Breckenridge, Colorado:

Breckenridge is a small and cute mountain town, and is widely popular among adventure lovers. Activities like hiking, skiing, fly fishing, white water rafting, etc. are easily accessible in this town, even during the summer months.

Breckenridge, Colorado
The options to explore amazing hiking trails, boating, wild flowers, mountain biking, and fishing, make this town a must visit for those who love outdoor activities.

12. Jackson, Wyoming:

Jackson is located near Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. This is the reason why tourists visiting this small town every year, are in millions. The surrounding and scenic beauty is what makes this place special.

Best Afforadable Places To Stay In The US National Parks

Planning a weekend getaway to the parks in the US can get tricky due to the stay-over. Although recently, many resorts and hotels are available, the expenses of those places spike up the total cost of the trip.

Zion National Park:

Gooseberry Mesa Lodge

Zion National Park

The adventurous side of you will fully rejoice at Gooseberry Mesa Lodge. A place that is known for hiking and mountain biking, the place is a perfect choice for family getaways and for adventurers.

Zion Mountain cabin:

An ideal location for large families, Zion Mountain cabin has all the amenities one needs to have a relaxing time.  With space to accommodate 18 people, the cabin is surrounded by pine trees.

Yosemite National Park:

Yosemite Horse Country Cottage:

Yosemite Horse Country Cottage

Located at the Roundhat Ranch, Yosemite Horse Country Cottage is a must visit. Situated in the Catheys Valley, Horse Country Cottage is the only rental that is accessible all year. This is because the cottage is located in the route that survives all the climatic conditions for travelers.

Yosemite River Rock Cabin:

Yosemite River Rock Cabin

Located inside the Yosemite National Park, River rock cabin is a masterpiece within the park. With ample parking space, the cabin has a breathtaking view of the forest, mountain, and sky.

Joshua Tree National Park:

Villa Serno

Villa Serno
An elegant ambiance sets the mood for a romantic getaway to Villa serno. Located in the Coachella Valley, Villa Serno is at a walkable distance from Empire Polo Club.

Stagecoach getaway:

Stagecoach getaway
A luxury home with 5 bedrooms, the Stagecoach getaway can accommodate close to 16 people. At a walking distance from Coachella, the place has luxurious interiors that also has a private pool to relax.


Best Caribbean Destinations Perfect for a December Month!

There are more reasons than one to escape to the Caribbean. However, ever wondered the best time to go?! The weather sure is great throughout the year in most locations, but some may face the annual hurricane season.

Listed below are the best Caribbean destinations in December, perfect for the long awaited holiday!



Having a warm temperature in December, Aruba will let you fulfill all your fantasies of your perfect Caribbean sojourn

Cayman Islands


Cayman Islands

A welcoming island, Cayman Islands is perfect for a family vacation with its warm and hospitable locals.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
This is where you’ll find most of the ‘all-inclusive resorts’ of the Caribbean. This, in fact, is one purpose for the destination to be a great budget destination, as the visitors don’t have to pay for anything extra.


The crux of a Caribbean vacation, Jamaica is the land of spice! From spicy food and Bob Marley songs to adventure, Jamaica is most definitely one of the best places to go in the Caribbean!


A resort destination, Antigua is made up of tiny beaches that lace the coastline.


Deluging with natural beauty, Anguilla will mesmerize you. If you really seek some seclusion, unlike other islands, this is certainly the place to head.

St. Martin

St. Martin
Your chance to experience a blend of two distinct cultures at one destination, St Martin is a beautiful blend of the Dutch and French cultures.


Sitting outside the hurricane belt, the Curacao island undoubtedly is your safest bet as the best Caribbean destination in December.


9 Exciting Short Road Trips In UK For Anytime Of The Year!

Life can keep you on your toes and make it so difficult to go on a long and leisurely getaway that you’ve been craving for. So let’s make this quick and dirty and show you the most gorgeous backdrops of the Scottish highlands and the quaint little towns by the rocky coasts of England to give you a little something that keeps you going for the weekends, eh?


London - cheddar Gorge, Somerset (2hrs 49 min, 146.6 Mi - Via M4)

Explore Britain's biggest limestone gorge carved from the dramatic cliffs rising over 450ft to the stunning stalactite caverns hidden beneath. This world-famous site reveals many fascinating stories of our prehistoric ancestors, like Britain's oldest complete human skeleton, uo;Cheddar Man”, estimated to be over 9,000 years old!

Liverpool- Lake District National Park (1hr 30min, 76.7 Mi- via M6)

Housing 12 of the largest lakes in England and surrounded by tall majestic mountains, Lake District is truly one of Britain's breathing spaces. Flanked by many hiking trails and a tonne of boating routes with incredible views where you can come face to face with its stunning backdrops and also its rare wildlife!

Plymouth-Jurassic Coast (1 hr 53 min, 88.9 Mi- via A38)

Can’t simply imagine that the world of Dinosaurs actually existed? Well see it to believe it because you’ll come across sediments dating to a period of 180 million years ago! The 95 miles of coastline stretching from Exmouth in East Devon to Old Harry Rocks in Studland Bay in Dorset will leave you absolutely enchanted with its deep mysterious coves built with thousands and thousands of white layered rocks and of course you cannot possibly miss Durdle Door Beach where you can walk the endless stretch of sand and admire the natural indentation of this wonder.


Cardiff- Black Mountain Road, Powys ( 1hr 28 min, 56.9 Mi- via A449)

If you are a Top Gear fan you’d probably recognize this road in a second for it’s the road they film so often on and you’ll definitely see why. It is famous for its twists, dips and climbs in the western part of the Brecon Beacons National Park. It has unrivalled views beyond its hairpin turns and you’ll want to drive it again and again.

Bangor- Portmeirion ( 1hr 6 min, 31.2 Mi- via A487)

If you ever day-dreamed of walking the cobbled streets of Italy and sunning yourself by the colorful piazza you won’t be disappointed with Portmeirion! A modern recreation of the fishing village of Portofino, the city is set on its own private peninsula on the southern shores of Snowdonia. It will charm you with its gorgeous fountains and manicured gardens and a mermaid spa to help you unwind.

Northern Ireland:
Belfast - Londonderry, Coastal Route ( 1hr 29 min, 70 Mi- via A6)

While many spend days going through this route, stopping by idyllic towns and soaking up its irish charm. We only have so little time to do this. So let’s start by driving through Belfast and stop at Newtown abbey's Loughshore Park with spectacular views of ships sailing from Belfast. A few miles down is the sleepy sea-side town of Carrickfergus. Have a quick lunch with the windy breeze and the picturesque Norman castle.

Belfast - Ballymoney, The Dark Hedges (1 hr 11 min, 48.1 Mi- via M2)

Whether you’re a Game Of Thrones fan or not this will take your breath away. Driving through a tunnel of old beech trees with twisted branches forming an arch over the road makes it impressive for photographs and film locations with its hauntingly eerie yet beautiful grooves leading up to a Georgian Mansion.

Edinburgh-Inverness ( 3hrs 5min, 156 Mi- via A9)

We have to make this clear before we proceed, but you are definitely about to experience something not many can experience in their life. The Scottish highlands with its mighty mountains and its evergreen forests so thick you can feel its intense beauty that not many can handle. You’ll be driving towards Pitlochry a young town where you’ll have lunch at the Moulin Inn, for it is the oldest and most authentic scottish grub, while you walk off that heavy lunch you’ll come across a dam and a unique fish ladder as well as a couple of distilleries to have a quickie in, and then proceed to Blair Castle which is a fun contrast to the Edinburgh Castle.

Well there you have it! It’s now time to hit the roads and see these stunners along the way and you’ve got yourself a pretty good weekend getaway!


Top 10 Best Wine Destinations in Europe

Wine, is a way of life! It is literally a culture whose history goes beyond the pages of books! Unlike your regular glass of other drinks, wine tasting is a process and a journey of its own. You cannot gulp it down in a go, it must be handled well and with grace.

The best part about a good wine is that it can be paired with refreshments of all sorts. Be it cheese, crispies or the gourmet meals, each blend is finely prepared to team it with a specific dish. That is what makes the whole journey rejuvenating.

Here are the 10 best destinations for wine in Europe:

1. Champagne


Relish the local flavors which have seeped down from centuries in this part of France. Wine is more of a regular beverage for the folks here. The region is most famous for its pink wines, which used to be the drink of the French kings.

Famous for: Rosé des Riceys

Recommended to have with: Cakes and pastries

Best time to visit: March to June

Activities around: Flneries Champenoises (Champagne Walks)

2. Tuscany


A town which is dotted with hamlets that have chateaus producing wine since ages, Tuscany is the abode of the maroon hued red wines. The place has the distinct honor of receiving the DOCG, which is only given to the best quality Italian wines.

Famous for: Chianti

Recommended to have with: Pasta and Pizza

Best time to visit: April to May

Activities around: Arezzo, Antique Market

3. Milan


Perhaps the coy romantic capital of the world, Milan is the belle you can literally get intoxicated on. Spread across the River Adda, the fashionable city of Milan is famous for its red wines which come from the Valtellina estates.

Famous for: Lombardia

Recommended to have with: Meat, especially pork

Best time to visit: April to May

Activities around: Milano Food and Wine Festival

4. Rome

Gladiator fights, dreamy monuments and the royal old lanes, one of the most ancient city of the world, Rome has seen it all. The wine making culture dates back to almost two thousand years here. The wines produced here are referred to as the uo;Golden Wine”, rightfully for its aroma, richness and color.

Famous for: Frascati

Recommended to have with: Meat, especially pork

Best time to visit: June to August

Activities around: Roma Incontra il Mondo (music festival)

5. Florence


Crowning the fame of the eccentric shorelines of Florence is the extravagant wine culture. The affability of the town towards wine is evident in its quality of wines, both red and white. From the street vendor to the fancy palace, wines sold here are par excellence.

Famous for: Vin Santo

Recommended to have with: Cheesecake with berries

Best time to visit: May to June

Activities around: Calcio Storico (Celebration of the patron saint)

6. Santorini


Located in the elusive lands of pastels and florals, the relaxed town of Santorini is known for its exquisite wines. The wines derive their nature and aroma from the volcanic soil, the warmth of the glowing sun and the crispness of the sea.

Famous for: Vinsanto
Recommended to have with: Blue Cheese and Dark Chocolate
Best time to visit: April to July
Activities around: Visit the Red Beach

7. Paris


Touted rightfully as the most romantic and beautiful city on earth, Paris is the pride of the fine dine, gourmet food and wine tasting world. Unlike the other cities of the world, wine is treated as an essential accompaniment for all occasions in the city of Paris. Check out Paris foods & nightlife tours to book the tickets.

Famous for: Chardonnay

Recommended to have with: Fish cakes and Salads

Best time to visit: March to June

Activities around: Burgundy and Loire Valley

8. Lyon


Revered as the uo;gastronomical capital of France”, Lyon is rich in its tradition of preparing wine. Right from the harvest, to the preparation and the specific methods of fermentation employed, it has the esteemed elan of presenting to you a range of wines.

Famous for: Pinot Noir

Recommended to have with: Grilled Salmon or Tuna

Best time to visit: April to July

Activities around: Fourvire Nights (Theatre Fest)

9. Madrid


The city which is home to one of the best soccer teams in the world, Madrid, has a zeal and spirit for life like no other city. Be it the succulent nature of its appetite or its insatiable quest for art and culture, Madrid is a missy looking for fun all over. One can enjoy fantastic wines of all sorts, paired with the most satisfying gourmet delights, Madrid gives you a class apart experience with a hint of spunk in it.

Famous for: DeVinus

Recommended to have with: Cheese

Best time to visit: September to October

Activities around: Visit the gardens of La Granja de San Ildefonso

10. Bordeaux


Last and the most prestigious of the lot, Bordeaux has rightfully earned the reputation of the most diverse spot for wine tasting. Every genre of wine, be it table wine or the best most expensive wines, Bordeaux produces all of it. There are extravagant tasting rooms, which double up as a magnificent collection of wines in cellars.

Famous for: Bordeaux blends

Recommended to have with: Irish Cheese

Best time to visit: April to June

Activities around: Euroboat (Football Tournament)


11 Popular Celebrity Honeymoon Destinations

Bipasha Basu, the bong bombshell of Bollywood just came back from a blissful honeymoon in Maldives - a preferred choice among many celebrities across the globe. However, there are many more amazing destinations that celebrities choose for their honeymoons. Here is a list of 11 of the most preferred celebrity honeymoon spots.

1. Seychelles

The Republic of Seychelles, a 115-island country on the east of Africa has recently started receiving limelight after Prince William and Kate Middleton chose Seychelles as their honeymoon hideout. More recently, the handsome Geoge Clooney and his wife Amal Alamuddin also chose Seychelles as their romantic getaway.

2. Hawaii


The untouched beaches of Hawaii, the jagged volcanoes and the vibrant culture probably made Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green also our very own dancing queen Madhuri Dixit and her husband Shriram Nene chose Hawaii as their honeymoon destination.

3. Greece


The lady with arguably the best smile ever Julia Roberts chose to spend her honeymoon in Greece with husband Daniel Moder. Santorini is one of the most romantic cities in the world that boasts of all the necessary elements that a newly married couple desires such as exotic islands, tasty local cuisine, bustling nighlife and more.

4. Bahamas


This mesmerizing archipelago situated in the Atlantic ocean has beautiful beaches with white sands, palm groves, turquoise waters. In short the Bahamas are a tropical paradise. No wonder Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra chose this spot as their honeymoon destination and Sanjay and Manyata Dutt followed suit.

5. Tanzania


An unusual choice for honeymoon, but no other place can be more perfect for a couple who simply adore wildlife. The Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater offer some amazing views of the wild. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel chose Tanzania for their honeymoon.

6. Ireland


What do you imagine when someone says Ireland? I imagine vast mountainous green lands, pastures, castles and a whole lot of luxury such as horse ridden carriages and smooth Irish whiskey. Who knows luxury better than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West right? Thus, Ireland was an obvious choice for them for their special post wedding escapade.

7. Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos, Mexico

While we are at the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom chose this quaint heaven called Los Cabos in Mexico as their honeymoon destination. This tropical paradise is an all time favourite with the A listers.  Apart from scenic panaromas, Los Cabos offers exotic resorts with rooms as well as private villas with 24/7 butler service. Guess what the couple chose?

8. Disneyland, California

Disneyland, California
This one is my personal favorite. Penny from The Big Bang Theory and her real life husband Ryan Sweeting escaped to this happiest place on the planet. Apart from joy this place offers, it also has amazing private poolside cabanas, screenings of Disney classics under the stars, exclusive entrance to the Magic Kingdom and most importantly it promises a honeymoon as good as a Disney Fairy Tale.

9. Paris, France


If the Badshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan and his wife chose Paris as their honeymoon destination, Paris is surely special.  There are so many reasons to spend the first vacation of your marital life here as it definitely doesn’t get more romantic than Beaux Art Palaces, the stunning Seine River, beautiful landscaped gardens, the intricate architectural wonders and of course the Eiffel Tower. There are so many Paris tours available to book for honeymoon.

10. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

If you are into Tennis and Andy Roddick is your star, you should know that this tennis hunk spent his honeymoon with his model wife Brooklyn Decker in this stunning central American country. Buzzing with endless eco adventures such as surfing, zip lining, hiking beside Volcanoes this place is perfect if you and your sweetheart love adventures.

11. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora

The suave ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston and her husband Justin Theroux chose this paradise in French Polynesia which is one of the best tropical places for honeymoon. The crystal clear tropical waters that look like molten topaz in varying shades is truly fascinating. The sprawling gardens of inherent plants add tones of green and the extinct volcano Mt. Otemanu ringed with white sands makes this place even more alluring.


Bangalore to Munnar by Road - Get Ready For an Epic Trip

Listen up Bangaloreans! If you are thinking of hitting the road this vacation, Bangalore to Munnar by road should be on your checklist of road trips to undertake in India. A coveted destination for many bikers and road trip enthusiasts living in Bangalore, Munnar is one of the best hill stations in India situated in the lap of the lush green Western Ghats, in God’s Own Country-Kerala. Having a lingering air of the British Raj era, Munnar welcomes visitors with sights of rolling hills covered in tea plantations, dense forests, immaculate valleys, exotic wildlife, colonial homes and yes, tranquillity.

Roadtrip_1While planning your Bangalore to Munnar trip, be it a road trip or a general one, here are a few important details to keep in mind:

Distance from Bangalore to Munnar:
Approximately 476 kilometres.

How to travel to Munnar from Bangalore:

By Air: There are no direct flights from Bangalore to Munnar. Nearest airports to Munnar are the Cochin International Airport and the Madurai International Airport.

By Bus: Munnar is well connected to Bangalore via road. Government as well as private busses ply between these two places on a regular basis.

By Train: The best way to go to Munnar from Bangalore by rail is to hop on the Ernakulam Express and get down at Salem. From Salem, you can get on a bus or hire a cab.

By Car: But, since you are a hardcore road tripper, you are here to get the details on how to get to Munnar from Bangalore via road. Without further ado, here’s all the information. 


Best route from Bangalore to Munnar by road:

The Route:
The best route from Bangalore to Munnar by road is the Bangalore - Hosur - Krishnagiri - Dharmapuri - Thoppur - Salem - Bhavani - Avinashi - Palladam - Udumalaipettai Munnar road.

This path, although having many tolls, is scenic and safe. A few patches of the road are bumpy but nothing one cannot manage. Along the way, you will be witnessing lovely scenery comprising of huge windmills, quaint towns, lively waterfalls (during the monsoons), bustling villages and acres of tea gardens, providing for plenty of photography opportunities.

Places to visit on the way to Munnar from Bangalore

There are plenty of places one can visit on the way to Munnar from Bangalore.

In Hosur, you can visit the historical Sri Chandra Choodeshwarar Temple. While passing through Krishnagiri, do hike up the ancient fort located on the Syed Basha Hill and picnic around the Krishnagiri Dam. And if you have a sweet tooth, do pack a box or two of Krishnagiri’s famous Makkan-peda.


Located around 46 kilometres from Dharmapuri, the magnificent Hogenakal Falls are worth a detour. While in the city, do pay a visit to the Kottai Kovil Shiva Temple. If not to seek blessings then to atleast witness the miraculous ‘hanging pillar’!


When you drive/ ride through ‘Steel City’ Salem, you can visit the Kottai Mariamman Temple, the Sugavaneshwarar Temple and the Pandurangan Hill Temple. You can also shop at the local Bazaar Street. The quaint of Avinashi has its own charm. Do visit the architecturally stunning Avinasiappar Temple in this town.


Your last stop on the way to Munnar can be at the picturesque town of Udumalaipettai. After visiting the town’s popular and divine Thirumurthy temple, you can hike up to the numerous waterfalls present in the Thirumoorthy Hills. And then you can proceed with your journey onward to the magnificent hill station of Munnar.


What to see in Munnar:
You have finally arrived at your destination! After resting for a while, here’s what you should explore while in this little piece of heaven. A must do thing in Munnar is taking a walk through the emerald green tea gardens. After you are done exploring the serene tea estates, you can head over to the Kannan Devan Tea Museum to find out how tea is actually manufactured and to learn about the evolution of tea industry in Munnar.


To have close encounters with the wild, the next stop on your Munnar escapade should be the Eravikulam National Park. Other points of interest in and around Munnar are the interesting Punarjani Traditional Village, the beautiful Rose Garden, the quirky Photo Point, the splendid Attukal Waterfalls and Lakkam Waterfalls and the mesmerising Anamudi Peak. On a leisurely evening, go boating over the magnificent Kundala Dam Lake.

All set to hit the road? Hope this comprehensive Bangalore to Munnar road trip guide helps you in planning an epic adventure. Happy journey. Do let us know how your experience was once you get back.


Other routes from Bangalore to Munnar:
There are several other routes you can opt for to travel from Bangalore to Munnar. You can either follow the Bangalore - Hosur - Krishnagiri - Dharmapuri - Thoppur - Salem - Karur -Aravakurichi - Dharapuram - Udumalaipettai Munnar path which is approximately 496 kilometres

Or you can opt for the Bangalore - Hosur - Krishnagiri - Dharmapuri - Thoppur - Mettur - Bhavani - Avinashi - Palladam - Udumalaipettai Munnar path which is probably the shortest route from Bangalore to Munnar.