Travel Bucket List


Every year brings out a host of reasons to travel across the world and you have new opportunities coming your way. Plan your trip to Las Vegas, Hawaii or any of the breathtaking destinations that you’ve been longing to visit. According to the frequency of travelers found on online vacation planner websites, it is been understood that 78% people prefer holidaying during the peak season, that is December and January. So, here we’re going to help you create a best travel itinerary for your upcoming vacation plans of 2018!

1. Rio De Janeiro –


If you thought you’ve seen all of the marvelous Brazil during 2014 World Cup, get ready to be amazed with the new look. Nightlife, wine, fine cuisine, street shopping and lots more to indulge in, when in Rio. You may even plan a road trip to get a glimpse of the beautiful Brazil. The best time to visit Rio is between December and March.

2. India –


Namaste! Here’s a surprise for all you travel junkies and moreover wildlife fans. Remember the cult Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling? The classic story was inspired by the wildlife and landscapes at Madhya Pradesh state. The Satpura National Park, Kanha and Pench National Park are some of the wildlife resorts where you can spot the majestic Bengal tiger and most other exotic animals. So to find out more about this adventure, get in touch with your tour planner and make your travel plans today.

3. Japan –


One exciting reason to visit Japan is the new bullet train link to the north’s wide open spaces. It was said that by the end of March, the new bullet train would link Tokyo with Hokkaido. It is Japan’s northern most main island and is considered to be the most crowded adventure spot. Travelers head towards this vast expanse of forest for trekking, hiking, climbing and camping. During winters, the heavy snowfall makes it the most perfect destination for skiing. The local travel planners would guide you throughout for all the activities.

4. Copenhagen –

Nordic cuisine

Denmark, the ultimate foodie’s delight destination becomes a lot more affordable now. High end restaurants, Nordic cuisine, shopping malls and much more at Copenhagen. If you’ve never visited this place before, mark it the first one on your itinerary template. If you’re still unsure about your living and travel arrangements, check out some itinerary planner apps like Skyscanner and TripIt.

5. Peru -


Discover the unseen, head to the most amazing Peruvian capital. Peru has always been the most popular travel destination in South America for the British visitors. Machu Pichhu is yet another attraction for the tourists. The Peruvian capital continues to be a spotlight destination for the people who’re fond of food, drink and contemporary art culture. You can also get in touch with the locals and get a free trip planner guide for most of the destinations.

6. Costa Rica -

Costa Rica

Beaches, forests, wildlife and volcanoes, Costa Rica brings to you, all of this! Luxurious resorts, tree houses, wildlife sanctuaries and lots of delicious food comes your way in Costa Rica. What’s more? It has a wide array of endemic species, national parks, mountains, jungles, volcanoes and endless green landscapes. Manuel Antoni National Park is one such place worth visiting. So get ready to make your tour plans to Costa Rica and experience the beauty called nature!

7. Italy -


Romance thrives here at every corner and you can only smell the beauty of this place each time you step out for a walk. Italy is well known for its super cinematic Gondola Rides and the amazing street shops in Venice. The best time to go to Italy is during winter and fall seasons. Book your tickets and get a handy trip planning guide and laze around the streets of colonial Venice. Enjoy the exotic Italian food and shopping on the go!

Make sure you plan all these trips well in advance and check for seasonal holiday offers, discounts. Pre planning your trip will help you save monies on your travels. What’s more? You get a lot of free time for packing and sorting things out before heading to your journey.

Plan a trip to Portland like a local

Portland is the largest city in Oregon. Situated on the banks of Columbia and Willamette rivers, a good travel website will tell you that Portland is almost like a home away from home. It’s simplicity and the administration’s love for parks and bicycle traits makes it one of the most tranquil places to visit. But, that’s not it. When you plan a trip to Portland you will find that the microbreweries here and the coffee houses are pretty awesome too. Here is how you can plan a trip to Portland at the expertise level of a local.

Best Time to Visit

While the entire year has something different to offer to people willing to explore Portland, it is only from May to October that there is a lot you can do in the city. If you want to plan a trip to Portland like a local, then visiting during Summer (July to September) is the best option as the city’s culture thrives during this time. But after this winter begins and September to November is the time when you can explore the city’s artistic side. While summer is the best time to visit, it is also highly crowded so you might want to reconsider to plan a trip during that time.

Lighthouse-PortlandPlaces to see

There is a large list of amazing places to see depending upon the number of travel websites you look at. Here is a list of the best places to see in Portland:

  • Lewis and Clark National and State Museum
  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
  • Oregon Zoo
  • The Grotto
  • Pioneer Courthouse Square
  • Tom McCall Waterfront Park
  • Oaks Amusement Park
  • Mill Ends Park
  • St John’s Bridge
  • World Forestry Centre

Portland has a lot to offer to anybody and there is a lot to see here. Right from having artistic experiences to simply unwinding, there is a lot you can do in this city.

Places to stay

There are various options of places to stay in Portland. Right from budget to mid-range to luxury, all you need to do is plan in advance to get the best deals. Here are some options that you can look at:


  1. Downtown Value Inn
  2. HI Portland Northwest Hotel
  3. Portland Pensione
  4. Motel 6 Vancouver
  5. Rodeway Inn at Portland Hostel

Mid- Range:

  1. Palms Motel
  2. Best Value Inns- Portland
  3. Quality Inn and Suites Airport
  4. Inn at the Convention Centre
  5. Extended Stay America Portland


  1. Modera
  2. The Benson
  3. Hotel DeLuxe
  4. Portland Downtown Waterfront Marriott
  5. Kimpton Riverplace Hotel

Places to eat

Gracie’s Restaurant

When in Portland, there are plenty of restaurants for you to try out such as:

  1. Higgins
  2. Toro Bravo
  3. Screen Door
  4. Nel Centro
  5. Imperial
  6. Shilo Restaurant Portland Airport
  7. Tasty n Sons
  8. Rosswood
  9. Elephant’s Delicatessen
  10. Gracie’s Restaurant

How to Plan a Perfect Weekend in Cancun

Cancun is one of the most underrated destinations when it comes to the entire world for travel but definitely the best destination when it comes to travelling the Mexican style. If you are thinking of how to plan a trip for 48 hours to Cancun, then there are plenty of options for you. Here is what you can do to enjoy your trip to the fullest:


In Morning

Bask in the glory of the sands

MexicoWhile a lot of properties have amazing private beaches, there are also various public beaches where you can visit and enjoy. The crowds are full of relaxed vibes and are quite lively as well. The lovely blue waters and the pristine sands make sure that you enjoy the amazing beaches and have the quintessential Mexican experience.


Enjoy some man-made snorkeling

SnorkelingIf you are thinking of how to plan a trip to Cancun differently than everybody else, then you definitely should include Cancun underwater Museum in your itinerary. You can enjoy snorkelling here and see the hundreds of underwater sculptures that are situated under the sea. The museum has a lot to offer and people come from across the world to experience this attraction!


Have a lot of fun while enjoying a hearty meal

Cancun has so many delectable dishes to offer. The Mexican food anyway is second to none and the fajitas, nachos are just the tip of the iceberg. The cuisine ranges from flavorsome to amazing textures. You should really try out the dishes to completely have the Cancun experience.


Gather all the energy for enjoying amazing shows and live music

Cancun’s nightlife is one of the most enviable night lifes of the world. The amazing shows as well as the live music that is played here is unique to the Cancun culture. If you still have energy left after a long day, then you can definitely enjoy the night with some unwinding music!



Witness the splendor of the Mayan culture

Mayan cultureAlthough, Cancun was founded only 40 years ago- it is the remains of the Mayan culture which makes the city extremely famous. Visit the Cancun Archaeological Museum which is a testament to the Mayan culture. Including pieces from the sites of Quintana Roo, Palenque and Chichén Itzá, this museum is open all week long and even has free admissions on Sunday.


Go crazy with the water sports

There are so many water sport centres in Cancun and there are 25 different activities to choose from. You can choose which one to opt for to enjoy your afternoon completely. Renting a jet ski, take a jungle tour, travel on a glass bottom boat or become a certified instructor.


Enjoy a safe version of piracy on a ship!

Captain Hook is one of the most famous ships of Mexico. Here you can enjoy full Pirates of the Caribbean style and spend the evening admiring the lovely waters of Cancun. It is basically a modern reconstruction of an 18th century ship and is pretty awesome.


Time to really enjoy fish fried tacos

Fish fried tacosThe mexican food is mind blowing. Tacos in particular has a lot of fan following. The fish fried tacos are something you definitely should try out while in Cancun. You get them in a lot of places, but El Galeon is the most popular place for this dish- also known as pescadillas.

Cancun has all types of fun experiences to offer, provided you make the most of it. Right from food to beaches to nightlife, you just need to pick what you like and Cancun has a provision to provide you that!

How to Plan a Trip to Malaysia on Your Own

In the world of travel agents, planning a trip for yourself might seem very difficult. But with digitization kicking in and everything available at the click of your finger, you do not really need somebody else to plan a trip on your own. There are so many travel websites available which have so much information to offer to potential tourists, that all you really need to do is pack the bags yourself and everything else is literally done at the speed of a blink. Here are some of the most important points that you need to remember while planning a trip to Malaysia:


Passport-visaLike every country that you visit, you need to have a valid passport to enter Malaysia as well. There are plenty of countries that do not need a visa to enter Malaysia but most of the countries need to get it sorted in advance in order to enjoy a vacation in Malaysia. The rules are quite strict and you definitely need to be prepared to enter.


TransportWhen you start to plan a trip to any place, the very first thing that comes to your mind is how do you get into the country. Well, in that case, Malaysia is quite easily accessible with great connectivity to Kuala Lumpur from almost all of the major airports in the world.

Getting around is also not very difficult as the country thrives on tourism. There are plenty of cabs, trains and buses available to take you around. Refer to some trusted travel websites which would tell you everything about transport in Malaysia very nicely in detail.

Other important points to remember

While visiting the best of places in Malaysia, you need to remember some very important points. Most of the crucial tips for travel are mentioned on travel websites and all you need to do is follow them to have a great time in the country that has so much to offer. Some of the important pointers to remember are:

  • Do not speak against Islam. It is a country that follows Islam and has a lot of believers.
  • Do not accept drinks from just anybody as people can be out to mug you.
  • Always better to dress minimal and not flaunt too much so as to not attract unwanted eyes.
  • Dress modestly as some areas might still be conservative.

Places you definitely need to visit while in Malaysia

There is plenty that Malaysia has to offer to anybody who wishes to visit this lovely country. Each city and village has its own charm and has something distinct about it. Here is a list of must visit places while in Malaysia:

Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Towers
Known as a city with one of the most dominant sky lines in the world, Kuala Lumpur is simply beautiful. The lovely Petronas Towers for example is something you should not miss out on. It has one of the best night lives in the world and is extremely fun and lively to visit.

2. George Town

George Town is the perfect contradiction to Kuala Lumpur. While one is the definition of urbanization, the other is the hub of historical beauty. It used to be an extremely significant city in the olden times and today stands as a testament to the British colonial rules.

3. Malacca City

Malacca CitySynonymous to one of the main trade routes of the world, Malacca city is still reminiscent of the olden buildings and colonies. The night market and the ancient antique shops dominate the lovely little city and the entire vibe of this place is intriguing.

4. Ipoh

Ipoh has a world of its own that is incomplete and yet has a lot of stories to tell. Right from the lovely unfinished castles to being a gateway to some famous hill stations, Ipoh is definitely a place you should visit when looking for offbeat cities in Malaysia.

How to plan a perfect trip to Denver

The capital of Colorado, Denver has a lot to offer to everybody who wishes to explore it. Dating back to the 19th century, the buildings here feature on every Trip Planner about Denver. The best thing is that there is a variety of experiences that you can enjoy here. Right from a historic indulgence to an urban retreat, there is plenty to do here. All you need to do to plan a perfect trip to Denver is know your list of attractions well and some more points that will ensure you have a great tip. Here is all you need to know about planning your trip to Denver with best Denver trip planner.

Where to Stay in Denver

There are various options for all budgets in Denver.

Budget: Some of the options for you to include in your trip planner for Denver for budget stay are Capitol Hill Mansion B&B Inn, Holiday Chalet B&B, Holiday Inn Denver- Cherry Creek.

Mid Range: The mid range accommodation options are simply perfect for people who do not like to compromise on comfort and do not want to spend too much either. Some of the options for this range are- Adagio B&B, Denver Marriott or Courtyard Marriott.

Luxury: To plan a perfect trip, you can consider a stay in Brown Palace, Grand Hyatt or Four Seasons Hotel Denver.

Brown palace denver

Where to Eat in Denver

There are so many options to try out in Denver for good food. Here are the ones you definitely should visit:

  • Acorn
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Blue Bonnet Cafe and Lounge
  • Cafe Brazil
  • Cart Driver
  • 1515 Restaurant
  • Fruition



When to Visit Denver

 The best time to visit Denver is through March to May and through September to October. Depending upon the activity you are concentrating on, the best time to visit Denver for people interested in skiing is between December to the start of April, while the best time to visit Denver for hikers, river rafters or mountain bikers starts from May and goes upto October.


What to Do in Denver

There are plenty of places to see in Denver and plenty to do here:

Denver Botanic Gardens -

With various theme parks and a huge conservatory, the Denver Botanic Gardens is spread over 23 acres and should definitely feature on your Trip Planner if you like to enjoy nature at its best.

Denver Zoo

To plan a perfect trip with your kids and to make sure that they do have a great time, all you need to do is include this amazing zoo in your itinerary.

Elitch Gardens Theme Park

There are plenty of theme rides, water rides, family rides and kids rides that are a part of this amazing theme park. If you still have a lot of fun left in you, then this is the perfect place to visit.


Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Like to enjoy the magic of nature and science together, maybe at an IMAX screen? Then, there is no reason to miss out on the Denver Museum of Nature and Science while in the city.

Union Station

The best part about this major transit hub of Denver is that it was built in 1894 and has aged like fine wine! It is a famous tourist site as well and there is a lot to see here.

Travel Tips for Denver

There are plenty of things you need to remember when you are travelling to Denver.

  • First, it is extremely chilled out, so there is no question of dressing modestly or anything but the trend of tipping is huge.
  • Make sure you have enough money for the tip as well.
  • Right from Performing arts to nightlife to history, Denver has it all!
  • Keep a safe check on your luggage as some tourist spots might have notorious pickpockets.
  • Do not venture out in the night, especially in an inebriated state.

With perfect planning to Denver, you are sure to have a great time! Looking for a tool to chalk out the perfect plan for your next holiday? TripHobo is the ultimate journey planner that provides solution to all your holiday planning problems on one platform!

Ultimate Vacation Planning Tips For Australia

The beautiful, enchanting Australia with its rich natural biodiversity , cultural heritage and amazing cuisine is the ultimate vacation destination. If you are considering Australia for your next vacation, try online vacation planning with travel website to chart out a flawless plan for your Australia trip.

Starting from flight bookings to the list of best accommodations, from your own customised travel itinerary to all details of budget calculation, travel website offers it all and that too at zero cost.

SydneyTripHobo provides you with details of flight timings, to and fro prices and helps you to schedule your bookings accordingly from amongst a number of reputed international airlines. Already booked flight tickets? No worries. Just add them to your plan and continue, the trip calculator will provide you with exact estimate of total expense.

You can create your travel plan entirely on your own, or if your need a bit of help, the “Suggest A Plan” feature is always there to show you thousands of customized travel itineraries already created by our registered users.


Finding the perfect accommodation at any city in Australia can be a tricky business but not anymore with travel website at your aid. We provide you with list of the best luxury hotels, resorts, home stays or even B&Bs complete with details of facilities provided, photos, customer ratings and reviews. In case you have already booked an accommodation of your choice, you can always add it to your plan and keep going.

MelbourneAustralia is an extensive country with amazing tourist spots beaded through it’s length and breadth. Be it capital Canberra, the fascinating Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast, Adelaide and so many that you can never miss out. Try online Vacation planning which intricately designs your travel plan talking care of the smallest detail. Transport options within a city, how many days to stay, where to visit and where to eat, we offer you the entire list. All you need to do is browse as choose as per your own. You can also “add activity” of your choice and the budget calculator will mete out the total expense in seconds showing it on the right hand corner of your computer or mobile app screen

The travel plan you and us are together making is complete with all details of timings ensuring you do not have to waste a single moment of your perfect vacation. Our drag and drop feature provides you another awesome way to rearrange and make your own plan perfect.

SandTo top it all, we have the exciting feature of Group planning where you can add your co-travellers to view, share, edit and modify your plan accordingly. The accommodation, transport and all expenses will be aligned for the total number of persons you are including in your trip plan automatically. You are sure to be left surprised at the total estimated budget as we offer the best possible prices for your ultimate perfect vacation to Australia.

Planning A Vacation To Athens

The present capital of Greece happened to be the flourishing centre for cultivation of culture and knowledge in the powerful Ancient Greek Empire. Athens in Greece has born witness to so much since ancient days that even today the history unfolds to any tourist who visits Athens. This city has brilliantly developed since the hosting of 2004 Summer Olympics and has proven to be a popular vacation destination ever since.

AthensPlanning a vacation to Athens is no more a cumbersome job with online travel planner efficiently chalking out the best plan suited for your vacation in Athens within minutes. Along with it, the trip calculator accurately estimates your approximate expected expense in the whole trip.

Making a travel plan manually involves a lot of time and effort which is often impossible to devote, within your packed schedule. Our trip planner is the best for you to cover everything starting from flight bookings, finding the ideal places to stay, best transportation options, sightseeing, best eateries, famous shopping venues and so on.

The trip planner brings to you all the travelling options for reaching your destination from home and commuting during your trip as well. Choose the airlines and routes that suit you most from among the best options available. You can also book flights to multiple destinations within your trip with just a few clicks, TripHobo has made everything that easy. If you have already booked your flight tickets, you can always add them while customising your travel plan and the planner will provide you with all the correct budget estimates.

Another most important part of a vacation happens to be finding the perfect accommodation. We bring you the greatest deals on the best hotels, resorts or home-stays by partnering with the most trusted international websites. Be it a luxurious five-star hotel with the best amenities or the cosy comfort of homestay, it is guaranteed that you will find your perfect place to stay, as the deals come complete with every detail about the place, best price options, customer ratings and reviews.

AthensAs per your desired duration of stay in Athens, online travel planner will outline your day by day schedule with most significant places to visit, sites to check out along with all the transport options, best conducted tours, nearby restaurants and shops available. If you wish you can also add any particular place you personally wish to visit and your plan will be adjusted consequently. You can also choose from among the endless travel plans created by your registered users who have vacationed in Athens and customise it as per your choices.

If you are going to Athens, make sure the amazing and exquisite Acropolis, Parthenon, Temple of Hephaestus, Plaka district all feature in your plan.

The unique feature of our trip planner happens to be that you can add the access of up to 5 persons to view, add and edit to your trip plan. Make sure you include your travel mates in the planning process for spending the best vacation to Athens. Also, in case you are travelling solo, it is advisable to share your plan with closed ones so that they can stay updated about your location in case you wander to some remote locality to satiate the wanderlust in you.

Planning a vacation to Athens has never been this cool. Check it out now!

Plan A Ultimate Singapore Road Trip

Are you up for the best adventure ever? Set out on the ultimate road trip, from India to Singapore. Travel website brings you the easiest way to help plan a trip online for your next sojourn.

Singapore (1)

First and foremost, here are the Ten Commandments of planning a road trip that you must always keep in mind. Take a map (preferably the large paper ones to fuel up the adventurer spirit) and circle out a few key stops along your way. 

• Remember, the best part of a road trip is not the destination, but the journey.
• Decide how much to travel each day, keeping in mind the prerequisites and conditions of the places you will be passing through.
• It will be way more exciting if you break the trip up into smaller daily goals
• Don’t over plan as it might mar the “Call of the unknown”
• Interact with the small town people on your way to gather insights about local sightseeing spots
• Ensure that most of your group are good drivers and also let others drive even if there’s a main driver.
• Embrace everything that nature offers your way, astonishing or kitschy.
• Know that it might get dreary at times; a break at the nearest tourist spot is a must then.
• Do not assume all will go well, be prepared to face challenges.

India to Singapore road trip has been made a dream come true for adventure lovers only a year ago. All credits to the Indian Government’s Act East policy which resulted in the opening of trilateral India-Myanmar-Thailand Asian Highway that leads you straight up to Mae Sot in Thailand. From Thailand, another 28 exciting hours on road brings you to Singapore.

Approximate travel time is estimated around 20-24 days spanning a distance of roughly 5000 kilometres.

Singapore (2)

The best time to visit Singapore is November to February. So make sure you plan a trip online beforehand from a genuine travel website like ours.

Here are the MUST Required Documents you should take.
1. Valid passport and Visa
2. Special Permits
3. Vehicle Papers
4. International Driving License
5. Currency in USD for use in Myanmar and Thailand
6. Visa or MasterCard debit card
7. Spare parts of Car
8. First Aid Kit
9. Essential medicines
10. Ample supply of dry food in case you don’t find an eatery on a lonesome road



A few challenges that must be taken care of beforehand are listed here:

• Carnet- To exit and re-enter India you need a Carnet which is a document resembling your passport for which you have to pay 200% of your vehicle’s value as refundable security deposit to Automobile Association of India. Carnet is accepted in Thailand.
• Since Carnet is not accepted in Myanmar, you have to apply for Temporary Import of vehicles.
• Also, Myanmar doesn’t accept IDP, so take a temporary driving license for that country.

Now, the primary notable spots on your road trip to Singapore which you have now planned via travel website, must include the following few
• The amazing sunset at the city of Guhawati
• Float amidst the clouds of Shillong
• Explore the enchanting beauty of Bagan, the historic city that welcomes you to Myanmar.
• The mesmerizing roads through Mandalay
• The exquisite pagodas of Naypyidaw
• Yangon which holds importance with respect to Sepoy Mutiny
• Bangkok in Thailand, a place that needs no introduction
• Next stop, Singapore.

Plan a trip online to Singapore by road as soon as possible and reach out to us to share your amazing experience.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Orlando

Orlando is the most popular tourist destination located in Central Florida and is a perfect place any honeymooner would wish to visit. Orlando is also the home for Walt Disney World and so your kids are sure to have a huge bang here. There are many attractions here and Orlando tourism no doubt does great justice to its visitors every year. There are a range of cultural experiences to adventures and restaurants and fun out-door activities making Orlando the most visited nation in the world. Let me put worth my top 10 reasons to visit Orlando for my fellow buddies. You can plan a trip to Orlando with best Orlando trip planner for best experience.


Top Reasons to Visit Orlando:

Fun in the parks -

Theme parks here are a definite not to miss here as there are vibrant and gigantic theme parks here such as the Sea world, Busch gardens, Universal Studios, Disney World etc., here. Kids are sure to have a wonderful time in these parks.


Affordability -

The theme parks, wildlife sanctuaries, shopping places here have deals and discounts for everybody visiting Orlando .There are excellent ways to get tickets for attractions at cheap rates and eminent Orlando travel guides should be able to guide their crew on this. These deals could be booked online as well. 


Beaches -

 The cocoa beach, the Daytona Beach here offers amazing views of the crystal clear sand and the water. There are lot of entertainment options available here and kids could enjoy carnivals and boardwalk attractions hosted here while adults enjoy great music at the beaches.


History -

The Kennedy space centre offers the best history behind the evolution of man with significant events. The downtown Orlando is not just a place for party and fun and offer excellent history behind the city.

Wildlife -

Just get set for a swim in the crystal river to grab great scenery of the wildlife here. Whale watching and bird watching at the space coast and the Merit Island respectively are great options to explore exotic wildlife in Orlando.


Shopping -

Orlando tourist information has great scope for shopaholics. A vacation here is not complete without a flee for its endless shopping malls and shopping spots at the theme parks.

People -

The people here are extremely hospitable and are great companions and finding an accommodation here is damn simple. They indeed make our vacation meaningful; especially teens get a lot of company here, with huge number of colleges around.

Events - 

The city hosts lots of events for its visitors, and most of them are hosted free or at a low cost for its visitors. So without spending much, we could grab the best of Orlando.

Food -

Try not to get fed at the regular restaurants found everywhere. There are delicious cuisines of Orlando that are cheap and found in all restaurants with great discounts indeed.


Landscape -

Orlando is filled with amazing landscapes the green scenery, its meadows and clean roads are an attraction by themselves.


Have A great Time And Enjoy With The Number Of Things to do in Saint Louis.

The major Midwestern metropolis with richness in culture and largest metropolitan area in Missouri is Saint Louis. The city is also called as Gateway to the west. June through September is best time to visit Saint Louis. The favourite food of Saint Louis is the Lasagna, hunter’s egg, squirrel fish, grilled steak Fajita Tacos, Banh Xeo, Burrata, Birria never miss to relish these dishes. You can explore more with itinerary planner with better travel experience.


Apart from the city sightseeing Saint Louis day trips are ones never to be neglected. The merging of Illinois River with Mississippi is named to be Crafton, IL the Great river road. Pere Marquette State Park is a great place for day trippers, with hiking trails, gorgeous views with lots of fun during mid-summer. Augusta and Hermann, MO is a beautiful country with major attraction being the wineries. You can either rent bikes or ride the Katy rail for more adventures in daytrip.


There is more number of interesting things to do in Saint Louis. Delmar Loop is a six-block entertainment and shopping district with bars, restaurants, live music venues, clothing boutiques and plenty more. Don’t miss the show at Tivoli theatre about the solar system with planet walk exhibition. Never miss to participate fair and festivals of the tourists place so you get to know new ideas. February brings Mardi Gras Celebration May brings Rib America Festival and delicious BBQ to town. Visitors can also have great time with free live concerts.


Saint Louis sightseeing is filled with number of places to see and enjoy. For sculpture, landscape architecture, art, innate plants, six rain gardens and for gorgeous scene City Garden is the right choice. Laumeier Sculpture Park portrays over 70 outdoor sculptures with a musical Amphitheatre during special events. Never forget to take a trip to Anheuser-Busch Brewery where you can see Budweiser Clydesdales and many more brands. Schlafly bottle works is a free brewery tour with nearly 50 flavours of wine.


Saint Louis tourist’s attractions are, the Forest Park which attracts more than 12 million visitors each year for its picturesque walking and biking trails. The other entertainments include a greenhouse with floral display and golf course. Magic House is the first interactive children museum with a wide range of activities especially for children. One of the cities important attractions is the Saint Louis zoo. This is famed as one of nation’s most important zoological park. The entertainments and activities for children are never ending. Plan for a night out at Washington Avenue or Laclede’s landing by spotting for the best bars, dance clubs.