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Explore Atlanta sightseeing and enjoy in the mixed culture and traditions this vacation

With the revitalization movement of the downtown in atlantes, there are more significant places to see in Atlanta with geared the land for the preparation of the Olympic Games in the year 1996. Atlanta is a more tourist friendly city with excellent public transport systems, great attractions and lots of hotel and dining options. Let us explore some of the best Atlanta sightseeing spots in our article. You can explore more with itinerary planner for better travel experience.

Best places to visit in Atlanta:

The Aquarium:

The Georgia aquarium is located on the downtown of Atlanta and is been open for public viewing from the year 2005. The aquarium has more than eight gallons of water and enough aquatic life, compared with all others in the world. It is also the largest aquarium ever made by man.


World of Coco-cola:

This was opened in the year 2007, in the heart of the city of Atlanta downtown from the Centennial Olympic park. The facility has more than thousand artefacts and exhibits and is open for public viewing. A 4D theatre, views of the bottling line that produced 8 ounce bottles of the drink and a tasting lounge with free samples are its highlights.


Martin Luther king historic site:

This national historical place draws the attention of tourists all over the world, and is basically a living memorial complex and one of the best Atlanta places to visit. Visitors are given the opportunity to pay homage to the king’s cemetery and to explore his legacy and his life.


Olympic park:

This centennial facility was developed for the summer Olympics in the year 1996 and was later designated for public use. This is a 21 acre downtown facility with the largest interactive fountain with the Olympic ring symbol. There are exhibits water gardens and children play zones to enhance its beauty. It has ample scope for Atlanta sightseeing as special annual events and festivals are hosted in the park in winter season.


Museum of art and the woodruff arts centre:

This is one of the top places to see in Atlanta and is the centre for visual arts and performance centres in the city. The woodruff arts centre has this art museum along with alliance theatre, 14th street playhouse and the symphony orchestra and offers comprehensive entertainment portals for its visitors.

CNN tour:

This is the behind the scenes tour favouring the CNN news channel at its global head station. The tour is open daily and lasts for less than an hour to explore the real happenings at the station. It is important to reserve one’s presence for the tour.

Atlanta centre for history:

This place indeed connects people with their culture and history. There are exhibits here depicting memories of the civil war, folks and arts of the south and the development of Atlanta across ages. There are children playhouses and a living history farm to offer a comprehensive cultural experience for the tourists.


Botanical garden:

The garden is located at the midtown of Atlanta and is spread over 30 acres of gardens and has the best orchids in the entire nation offering the perfect Atlanta sightseeing. The rose gardens and the children gardens spread their fragrance to the entire world. There are on-going educational programs organised for all age groups here.


Fox theatre:

This is a premier entertainment venue in Atlanta and offers exclusive performances starting from concerts to movies and live shows to attract tourists.


Top ten reasons to visit Atlanta and to spend a perfect vacation in Atlanta

Atlanta is the most populous city in the entire United States and is the capital of Georgia. It is the economic and cultural zone of Georgia and is the best tourist destinations in the US. Let us explore Atlanta tourist information and the reasons why people visit the place in this article.You can explore more with online itinerary planner for better travel experience.

Why does tourist visit Atlanta?

Atlanta has a humid and a sub-tropical climate all through the year and the weather she is not that extreme. Tourists could enjoy here all through the year and this makes the place the best tourist destination, all through the year. Atlanta tourism flourishes in the month of July, when the climate and temperature are at its maximum hits.


  1.Provisions for office space:

Atlanta is the best place to be considered by large corporations, the office space in Atlanta is the home for major organisations such as the Delta air lines, Coco-cola etc. that have their headquarters here. The Bank of America plaza is an amazing skyline here and brags on its 38th position in the entire world.

  2.Culture and creativity:

The city is known for its live music scene. The Fox theatre is one best thing to watch here. There are many cultural happenings such as the Atlanta Ballet, Atlanta orchestra, Atlanta opera here, worth watching.


  3.Tourist attractions:

All Atlanta travel guides would project on the attractive and key tourist destinations in the place, such as the Georgia aquarium, World of Coco-cola and the Atlantic station. The country accumulates its foreign exchange through tourism every year.



  4.Sports related activities:

Atlanta is home for some of the best and major teams of the world, which always put in their best game and efforts. Some of them worth mentioning here are the Atlanta hawks, Atlanta braves and Falcons.


Atlanta airport is the busiest of all airports and has linking flights to all destinations in the world. Getting in and within the United States is quite easy through the Hartsfield Jackson international airport in Atlanta.



Atlanta has got the world’s largest aquarium, the Georgia aquarium where adults and kids could enjoy watching loads of fish species underwater.

7.Explore CNN and world of coco-cola:

Guided tours are arranged to explore the insides of the CNN news channels and the world of coco-cola to gain insight in the working and functionalities of these giant companies.

  8.Nightlife and hospitality:

One of the best 10 reasons to visit Atlanta is the southern hospitality the people offer here. Their warmth and the exquisite food available here ranks high in preferring Atlanta as a holiday destination. Atlanta’s nightlife is much thriving to get tourists glued on to the city.


9.Gardens and historical centres:

The museum of art, the botanical gardens and the Atlanta historical centre frame the key notes of Atlanta tourism.


  10.Beauty and climate:

The state of Atlanta is the best and the beautiful city in the US with green spaces all throughout. The temperature here is also moderate all through the here, supporting its tourism department.


Think of Atlanta, when you plan for a perfect vacation with your family. You can explore more Atlanta tours for best tourist experience.


Top 10 Reasons to Visit Bath

Bath in United Kingdom is known for its restorative wonders and is the home for Jane Austen. Bath has a lot of history for tourists to explore from all over the world. A visit to this historic prejudice is similar to visiting an open air museum with more than 5,000 buildings in the city applauded for their architectural merits. You may also plan a holiday through vacation planner for awesome trip. Let us explore the top 10 reasons to visit Bath for a perfect and a fulfilling vacation.


Top reasons to consider Bath for a holiday tour:


For people wanting to visit and watch the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, they could join the celebrations and the festivities at the Royal Victorian Park in the centre of the city. There is a picnic in the park event organised for the guests with two giant screen shows on the celebrations for the queen.

Independent accommodations:

Unlike hotels and restaurants in other parts of the world, chain restaurants and branded accommodations here are something different and are independent with personal service and comport. There are many independent shops and boutiques to offer the best international cuisine here


Bath travel guide would definitely guide their crew to this Holborn Museum, which has undergone renovation recently. The building has hoards of exhibitions with extra ordinary collections of Sir William Holburne.

Arts :

Art at the edge is a bean new and exciting exhibition stall that is opening up in the Victorian Art gallery. The collection has 30 bronze sculptures and statues of different Olympic sports.


Bath has about 2,000 years of spa culture and the land is blessed with natural hot springs in the entire United Kingdom. The culture of spa has been existing here right from its beginnings.


Bath has brought a brand new event for cycling and bike riders, to organise sports rides, fun activities and racing at its top level at the Victoria Park. There are different events organised by cyclist to participate.


Bath tourism is one of the best explored aspects of the city and the government has planned for launching a mobile app that would be installed for free in android and iPhones to offer a useful and interactive source of information on bath. This would be a most needed tool for bath visitors.


One of the top 10 reasons to visit bath is this excellent architecture, which was awarded the world heritage status by the UNESCO. The best way to explore them all is to get enrolled in an organised tour.

Family festivals:

There are lots of scopes for music and sports related activities and festivals in Bath. Music fans would love the place and wish to join their best orchestra to celebrate music.

 Roman baths:

Around the World heritage site, Romans have built a temple and a bathing complex with natural hot springs, making it an ideal site for natural spa and baths.

Bath is definitely a place not to be missed by tourists. For more Bath tourist information and travel related tips, visit travel website.

Vienna Sightseeing – The Most Romantic Adventure

Vienna is the capital of Austria. It is also ranked among the largest city of Austria. The population of Vienna comes to around 1.73 million and this is the most important city in Austria. According to the studies conducted till the 20th century this city was among the largest German speaking city in the world. The city also has earned a nick name for itself – it is known as the City of Music. In the olden times there were many Roman settlements. You may plan your trip using vacation planner for awesome travel experience.

ViennaVienna sightseeing is a romantic venture. The city has rich cultural heritage. A vacation to city of Vienna is deal for couples, families and also old age people. The city has everything for everyone. There are various types of tours which are available in the city. Vienna city has many interesting places to be seen. Some of the major Vienna places to visit are mentioned hereunder:

Hofburg Palace –

this majestic palace is located in the heart of Vienna. This was the home to Habsburg who was the rulers of Innsbruck. The actual date of construction of the palace is not known by the experts but still some of them believe that it was built way back in the 13th century.

Hofburg PalaceThe Hofburg Palace is a huge place to be seen. It consists of six museums, the popular winter riding school, there is chapel which houses more than twelve bronze statues of Austrian Nobles. There is also a national library and a greenhouse. The greenhouse is known for the variety of fruits and plants of different species from across the world. The palace also he park where the tourists can enjoy and unwind themselves. At present the Hofburg palace is the residence of the President of Austria. This palace is extremely popular among the tourists from across the world and ranked high in Vienna sightseeing.

Ringstrasse – 

The Ringstrasse is a huge avenue which depicts the walled city of Vienna. This avenue was built way back in the 19th century. After this was built there was a tremendous change in the appearance and the urban landscape of the city. The protective walls of the avenue were meant to protect the city of Vienna.

RingstrasseIn the year 1857 these walls were destroyed and a new broad boulevard which is now known as the Ringstrasse was built. This new broad boulevard had impressive buildings, parks and monuments. Among the structures built the most important was the town hall, University in the city of Vienna, Burg Theater and the Parliament and the most important the state Opera.

Schonbrunn Palace –

This is an absolutely magnificent palace to be visited. This is one of the best Places to see in Vienna. This was built in the middle age times in the city of Vienna. This palace has been declared as the UNESCO world heritage site and this palace is the best example of a great royal palace.

SchonbrunnThis palace has many attractive places to be seen among them are the beautiful parks with fountains, beautiful monuments, zoological gardens and other pretty gardens. There are also many out buildings which houses more than one thousand workers working on the Schonbrunn Palace.

Travel site is the best travel organizer for a great vacation to Vienna. One should make sure to plan the vacation to Vienna with the help of travel website and you find best Places to see in Vienna.

12 Best Family Holiday Destinations in Europe

This holiday season splurge on a lavish vacation with family in Europe. You can't treat yourself or your family to something better than an European holiday. The continent is rich with countries that have fascinating cities to designed to make your holiday perfect. When you travel to Europe, you realize that the world has so much more glamor to it, while Europe sightseeing introduces you to artistic and natural beauty on another level altogether. So if you've finally made up your mind to explore this continent this holiday season with the help of trip planner, here is a list of options for you to choose from ecstatic Europe.

Europe things to do and see -


Do you actually need an explanation to why you should travel to London? Visit the elegant British museum, get a glimpse of the tower of London, and the avant-garde Tate Modern which come highly recommended. The city has something in store for everyone that comes its way. There it is an ideal family destination.



This fashion capital of course calls for a whole lot of shopping and a visit to the Eiffel tower. But that not all what Paris is about. This city houses marvels of art and serves some sinful cuisines. You have old churches and museum here as well. A perfect family holiday sure comprises of good food, decent places (check the best Paris tours), shopping and a whole lot of fun. Where better than Paris can you find it in a combo?



An enthralling city with a sparkling nightlife and yummy cuisines. Berlin serves as a trend setter and is pretty modern in terms of fashion and otherwise. The city is home to museums, memorials and plenty of attractions that are historically significant.



A romantic perfect. If family is you and your spouse alone, you need not look further, make a stop at Venice. However, even if you choose to visit Venice with parents and kids the city will not let you down. You can explore the many theaters, churches, historic sites and notable eateries on your perfect family holiday here.



The artistic city boasts of ancient museums, Picasso paintings, marvelous architecture, old churches and delicious cuisine. The scenic beauty and picturesque views of Florence makes it tough to make a choice and pick one destination to travel to in Europe.



A city where the old and new unite. Barcelona is home to ancient as well as recent architecture. The city is home to churches, museums, parks and hosts a throbbing nightlife. It also offers magnificent views of the Mediterranean.



You'll fall in love with the airport to begin with. Amsterdam is not only a red light district of a city flooded with coffee shops. You need to visit here to understand its core. The other side of the coin is stacked with shopping outlets, equisite restaurants serving Indonesian cuisine and can also serve as an educational excursion for kids.



The city of music that spreads love! Prague is more like a fairy land with ancient Gothic architectural structures and fascinating surroundings. The city is more a less a package that includes everything at a price that wont be too harsh on your pocket.



Art lovers should make a stop here. The gorgeous city is a whisk of art and music with a pat of history. With family you can enjoy the exquisite sights and grab your bit of historic knowledge in Vienna.



This is more about traditional cuisines wines and olives paired with mesmerizing views of the city. Tuscany falls in the countryside of Italy and therefore is a blend of elegant cypress trees, castles-turned-wineries-turned-hotels, cascading hills, sprawling vineyards and a lot more.



With a part in Europe and a part in Asia, Istanbul is a piece of two continents. The city therefore is rich with heritage and history. The commendable architecture, churches, malls, bazaars and more make Istanbul an ideal destination with family especially.

Istanbul-2615727_640 (1)


There's nothing like this blessed city in Europe. You can't afford to skip this city. Rome, the city of seven hills is often considered magical and eternal. This city is therefore ideal for a family vacation in Europe. The enchanting city is best for its Italian cuisines and the Pizza Navona. While Rome surrounds the Vatican city, go with family and explore the artistic Vatican museums. Explore more with tours to Rome for better travel experience.


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How to Plan a Perfect Trip to Cape Town

This South African capital is one of the most loved cities in the world. Glamorous and invigorating, Cape Town’s appeal lies in the emblematical Table Mountain that is visible from every part of the city. This city has many things to offer to every type of a traveller. To make sure you get the best out of your Cape Town experience, here are five things to consider while you plan a perfect trip this South African port city.

Plan ahead, book early:

Try this vacation planner to make sure you do not miss out on any fun. Whether planning a foodie vacation, or an adrenalin adventure, or a relaxing family holiday; make a list of all the places you wish to visit and book your tickets in advance.
Tip: Hop on the City Sightseeing red bus

Pack well:

The weather here is quite unpredictable, so be prepared. A warm day can suddenly turn into a cold evening as the South Easter picks up. Study the weather conditions and pack accordingly.
Tip: Always keep a jacket or raincoat handy.


Check out the little-known places:

Want to experience Cape Town like a local. Here is how: Get a haircut at Yogi’s on Buitengracht Street; Dine at Fish on the Rocks in Hout Bay; surf with the Muizenberg locals; read a book at The Book Lounge; gorge on some fish & chip at Kalky’s; walk through the Tokai Forest; watch a rugby match at Newlands Stadium; and spend a relaxing night at Rafikis Restaurant & Bar.

Stream _Tokai_Arboretum _Cape_Town

Make friends with the locals:


Indulge in some street shopping:

Browse through local markets and take home small gifts and mementoes, souvenirs, handmade garments, high-end African art, and locally produced jewellery, textiles, toys and more.
Tip: Shop at the City centre. Start on the Long Street and make your way through the Bree street.

Here are a few touristy things to do in Cape Town:

  • Visit the Table Mountain National Park and the Cape of Good Hope
  • Walk through the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden
  • Relax on the Boulders Beach
  • Explore the Robben Island
  • Shop and dine at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

Cape Town fact file:

  • Getting in is easy. Fly to the Cape Town International Airport, or take The Blue Train, drive in through major highways, or take a cruise to reach Cape Town.
  • The local currency is South African Rand.
  • People drive on the left-hand side of the road.
  • The calling code is +27

When in Cape Town, do not forget to take the cable car ride up the Table Mountain. The views from the top are marvellous.

7 Tips for Planning a Trip to Europe

Europe is on the bucket list of every traveler. Perfect for a family vacation, a romantic honeymoon or a backpacking sojourn, Europe is one of the best places to visit.

While the huge continent dotted with beautiful cities will seem overwhelming when you begin planning a trip, here are some quick tips that will help you check out the perfect itinerary planner


Pick the right countries -

Europe has diverse range of countries that not only differ in the culture but also have a vastly varying geography. While Italian coast will be sunny in October, October marks the beginning of winter in Switzerland. If traveling to Europe for the first time, pick destinations that have similar climate so that you don’t need to pack for various climates nor would you have health surprises!

Choose the Right Schengen Visa -

Schengen Visa is required to travel to around 22 countries of Europe and with a Schengen visa you can travel within these countries with the help of Europe trip planner. The only thing to keep in mind is, you have to apply a Schengen visa in the embassy of the country that will be wither be the entry point for you in Europe and/or the country where you are going to spend the maximum time during your vacation. That set, you are good to go!

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Use the Euro Rail

Euro Rail is one of the most efficient and cheap ways to travel around Europe. The trains are fast, frequent and have a variety of coaches, so you can pick one according to your budget. Besides, the scenic journey will perhaps be the best sightseeing on your travel.

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Choose the perfect destinations 

Europe offers a diverse array of cities that have a mix-trix of culture and history. While Rome will be loaded with beautiful monuments and buildings of artistic and historic significance, Plymouth will be a great place for winter sports. Always keep a tab on what kind of vacation you want to have and pick the cities according to your choice!

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Create your itinerary

With so many attractions, so many activities and so many countries, traveling on the go might not be the best idea when planning a trip to Europe. Keep you itinerary handy. Chalk out the dates and days well in advance and plan what you are going to do on that particular day. Book inter-country transports, guides and special tours well-in advance to avail the cheapest prices.

Book your accommodation

Europe can be crowded almost all round the year and especially during te holidays season. Booking accommodation in advance will ensure you get the cheapest deals. Also, if you are planning to take the public transport to explore the city, choose an accommodation near the city center or near a major train station so that you save time and hassle on getting around.

Be a traveler not a tourist

While traveling to Europe is itself not an easy task, the best way to explore the continent is by taking it one by one. Do not stuff your Europe itinerary with too many places and countries. Rather, pick one or two countries and roam around them dedicatedly. You don’t miss out on anything and you get to explore the inner, local spirit of that country!


Best Places to Visit in London

London ranks first as the financial, cultural and tourist centre in the world. Every year tourists throng London in flocks to explore its innate beauty. The best part of these places to see in London is that, they are offered absolutely free. Tourists also have a lot of options to explore here starting from modern art to exhibitions to expert music to offer the best London sightseeing provisions. Let us explore some of the best London tourist spots in this article.You can explore more with trip planner for awesome vacation. Most of the top listed London places to visit are offered free of cost

British Museum:

The world-famous British repository exhibits the works of man from prehistoric to present time from round the world. Highlights embrace the inscription, the Parthenon sculptures, and therefore the mummies within the Ancient Egypt assortment.


Tate Modern:

Located on the river Thames is John Orley Allen Tate trendy contemporary art. The art museum has many temporary exhibitions by prime artists from Damien Hirst to painter. The gallery's restaurants provide fabulous views across the town. Entry is free.


National Gallery:

This London places to visit has the crowning glory of Trafalgar Square, London’s National Gallery may be an immense house, stuffed with Western European paintings from the thirteenth to the nineteenth centuries.


History Museum:

The explanation depository boasts a group of the most important, tallest and rarest animals within the world. See a large whalebone whale, a 40-million-year-old spider, and also the stunning Central Hall. Entry is free however special exhibitions need tickets.


London Eye:

The EDF Energy London Eye may be a major feature of London's skyline. It’s the world's highest observation wheel, with thirty two capsules, every consideration ten tonnes, and holding up to twenty five folks. Climb aboard for a panoramic expertise, with memorable views of quite fifty five of London's most famed landmarks – bushed simply thirty minutes!


Science Deposit:

This museum makes your brain perform Olympic-standard mental athletics. See, bit and knowledge the foremost scientific advances of the last three hundred years; do not forget the awe-inspiring IMAX cinema for best London Sightseeing options. Entry is free however some exhibitions need tickets.

Victoria and prince consort deposit
This depository has artefacts of 3000 years. A true treasure hoarded with wealth, visitors would discover hoards of furniture, artefacts on metal work, handmade paintings and sculpture etc., in the depository.

Madame Tussauds

This is one of the best London places to visit and at ma'am Tussauds, you may come back face-to-face with a number of the world's most famed faces. From Shakespeare to girl Gaga you may meet powerful figures from showbiz, sport, politics and even Royalty.


Royal Museums Greenwich

Visit the world's largest maritime deposit, the historic Queen's House, and therefore the Royal Observatory Greenwich: all currently a part of the Royal Museums Greenwich. Stand astraddle the longitude, bit a meteoroid, and see the celebs within the planetarium. Some area unit liberal to enter; some charges apply


Tower of London

Take a tour with one in all the Yeoman Warders round the Tower of London, one in all the world's most famed buildings. Discover its 900-year history as a royal palace, jail and place of execution, arsenal, jewel house and zoo! Gaze up at the White Tower, tiptoe through a medieval king's room.



5 Perfect Cities to Plan a Vacation to Germany

Characterized as a nation having some of the biggest cities in the world Germany is a bustling melange of sweeping sceneries, enlightening history, and revealing gastronomical delights. With cities lying within drivable distances, road tripping through Germany can be an experience in its own. Plan a vacation to these five perfect cities for an experience of a lifetime.


The capital city, Berlin is an incredible blend of glamour, gastronomy, mean business and a juxtaposing laidback-ness. The classic characteristic of European countries, Berlin too has a prevailing café cultures. On the sites and attractions front make sure to check out the best things to do in Berlin including Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Fernsehturm, Alexanderplatz and the Pergamon Museum.



One place that boasts Bavarian heritage like no other place in Germany, Munich makes me think of Mediterranean style cafes and the tech industry. The city manages to own both with a smoothness that is only amusing. Plan a vacation here and check out the best things to do in Munich like the Linderhof Palace, Nymphenburg Palace, Englischer Garten and Marienplatz among more. Munich is well connected to all the major cities, also features on this list like Berlin and Hamburg. The three can be a great connecting point.


HamburgA city with an incredible amount of maritime history attached to it, Hamburg enchants with its docks and ports! Rightly so, it was monikered as the “The gateway to the world”. Another factor strengthening this fact is the large volume of international trade that is carried out of Hamburg. This is one city that is considered most child-friendly owing its host of attractions like Heide Park, Miniatur Wunderland, Tierpark Hagenbeck and Hamburg Dungeon among more.


HamburgCologne lies at a driving distance of 432.3 kilometres and you can cover the same in 4 hours 27 minutes owing to Germany’s incredibly good roads! If you are someone who loves to travel to see a lot of things; sightseeing basically, then Cologne has got to be on your list of places to see in Germany. The city is abundant with attractions engulfing a plethora of aspects like art, religion, spirituality, education and leisure. When here, don’t miss out on the must do things in Cologne that include Cologne Cathedral, Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum, Museum Ludwig, Romano-Germanic Museum and the Cologne Zoological Garden.


FrankfurtFrankfurt brings back to me memories of the tale Heidi and her struggle to fit into its very city-like structure given that she came from the Alps. It is no different in reality either. With the feather of the “new headquarters of the European Central Bank” added to its cap, this city can be a pleasant surprise with its list of things to do in Frankfurt. Look up virtual trip planner and you will have the patent Römer, Main Tower, and Palmengarten among more goodness!

A trip to these will leave you charmed with a desire to come back to its gothic architecture, reminiscent bridges, and quaint half-timbered villages.

10 Reasons to Plan a London Trip

“If a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”.

So true! The city of London is more than just a metropolis with a striking historical significance in the history of the world, it is an experience. London’s countless monuments, its royal panache and mindboggling architecture and beautiful streets that surprise you with prettiness at every corner are so inviting and irresistible that no traveller can miss out London from her bucket list. If the beautiful city hasn’t managed to convince you to plan a trip yet, here are few pointers that can do the trick.

There are plenty of reasons to travel to this city, but here are our handpicked, to 10 reasons to plan a trip to London:

The History


The city that has been around for 2 millennia, London still retains its old-world charm and most its ancient city centre is still visible, although it has gone through multiple revamps! History buffs, this is a place to be!

The Monuments & Landmarks

Maritime GreenwichAlong with its iconic past, London flaunts some of the best monuments in the world, some of them being the most visited as well. Maritime Greenwich, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, the Tower of London, Big Ben, London Eye and Westminster Abbey await!

The River

If you love outdoors, spending an evening on the banks of the River Thames can be a great idea. You can also take a night cruise, enjoy the skyline of the city and twinkling lights!

The Cabs

Your London trip planner will tell you how the tube is the best way to get around the city, but nothing can beat the experience of a cab ride in the city! Interesting vintage cars driven by polite cabbies, the cabs of London are a phenomenal!

The Parks and Gardens

Royal Botanic GardensLondon has plenty of beautiful, well-maintained parks that are ideal for a stroll or for a laid-back day picnic. If you are visiting in Summer, you’ll be welcomed by delightful flowers in assorted colours. Royal Botanic Gardens, Hyde Park, Regent’s Park and St. James’ Park are some of the best parks in the city.

The Language

This needs to explanation! The British accent is astonishingly and very attractive!

The culture

From bustling Picaddily circus to music and theatre, London beams with rich culture. Around 250 events happen here everywhere, including the popular ones like Notting Hill carnival and London Fashion Week.

8. The Pubs
Gulp down a pint of Ale, for it is one of the most ‘British’ experiences you can have in London. These pubs, housed in century-old structures are the best places for chilling at night!

The Museums

The city is replete with museums, and London vacation planning for museums lovers is fairly simple! The Museum of London, British Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum are some of the top-rated museums in the city.

Albert Museum

The Diversity

From the King and Queen of the British Empire, on whom, the sun never set to commoners of mixed ethnicities, London is a city that serves as a melting pot of different cultures. Thanks to the people from numerous countries that call it a home, you can have the best Indian food in London, at a Pakistani restaurant, probably with a middle-eastern twist! Anyone and everyone can feel belonged here!

Need a reason more to visit this majestic city?