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How to plan a perfect trip to Denver

The capital of Colorado, Denver has a lot to offer to everybody who wishes to explore it. Dating back to the 19th century, the buildings here feature on every Trip Planner about Denver. The best thing is that there is a variety of experiences that you can enjoy here. Right from a historic indulgence to an urban retreat, there is plenty to do here. All you need to do to plan a perfect trip to Denver is know your list of attractions well and some more points that will ensure you have a great tip. Here is all you need to know about planning your trip to Denver with best Denver trip planner.

Where to Stay in Denver

There are various options for all budgets in Denver.

Budget: Some of the options for you to include in your trip planner for Denver for budget stay are Capitol Hill Mansion B&B Inn, Holiday Chalet B&B, Holiday Inn Denver- Cherry Creek.

Mid Range: The mid range accommodation options are simply perfect for people who do not like to compromise on comfort and do not want to spend too much either. Some of the options for this range are- Adagio B&B, Denver Marriott or Courtyard Marriott.

Luxury: To plan a perfect trip, you can consider a stay in Brown Palace, Grand Hyatt or Four Seasons Hotel Denver.

Brown palace denver

Where to Eat in Denver

There are so many options to try out in Denver for good food. Here are the ones you definitely should visit:

  • Acorn
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Blue Bonnet Cafe and Lounge
  • Cafe Brazil
  • Cart Driver
  • 1515 Restaurant
  • Fruition



When to Visit Denver

 The best time to visit Denver is through March to May and through September to October. Depending upon the activity you are concentrating on, the best time to visit Denver for people interested in skiing is between December to the start of April, while the best time to visit Denver for hikers, river rafters or mountain bikers starts from May and goes upto October.


What to Do in Denver

There are plenty of places to see in Denver and plenty to do here:

Denver Botanic Gardens -

With various theme parks and a huge conservatory, the Denver Botanic Gardens is spread over 23 acres and should definitely feature on your Trip Planner if you like to enjoy nature at its best.

Denver Zoo

To plan a perfect trip with your kids and to make sure that they do have a great time, all you need to do is include this amazing zoo in your itinerary.

Elitch Gardens Theme Park

There are plenty of theme rides, water rides, family rides and kids rides that are a part of this amazing theme park. If you still have a lot of fun left in you, then this is the perfect place to visit.


Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Like to enjoy the magic of nature and science together, maybe at an IMAX screen? Then, there is no reason to miss out on the Denver Museum of Nature and Science while in the city.

Union Station

The best part about this major transit hub of Denver is that it was built in 1894 and has aged like fine wine! It is a famous tourist site as well and there is a lot to see here.

Travel Tips for Denver

There are plenty of things you need to remember when you are travelling to Denver.

  • First, it is extremely chilled out, so there is no question of dressing modestly or anything but the trend of tipping is huge.
  • Make sure you have enough money for the tip as well.
  • Right from Performing arts to nightlife to history, Denver has it all!
  • Keep a safe check on your luggage as some tourist spots might have notorious pickpockets.
  • Do not venture out in the night, especially in an inebriated state.

With perfect planning to Denver, you are sure to have a great time! Looking for a tool to chalk out the perfect plan for your next holiday? TripHobo is the ultimate journey planner that provides solution to all your holiday planning problems on one platform!

Ultimate Vacation Planning Tips For Australia

The beautiful, enchanting Australia with its rich natural biodiversity , cultural heritage and amazing cuisine is the ultimate vacation destination. If you are considering Australia for your next vacation, try online vacation planning with travel website to chart out a flawless plan for your Australia trip.

Starting from flight bookings to the list of best accommodations, from your own customised travel itinerary to all details of budget calculation, travel website offers it all and that too at zero cost.

SydneyTripHobo provides you with details of flight timings, to and fro prices and helps you to schedule your bookings accordingly from amongst a number of reputed international airlines. Already booked flight tickets? No worries. Just add them to your plan and continue, the trip calculator will provide you with exact estimate of total expense.

You can create your travel plan entirely on your own, or if your need a bit of help, the “Suggest A Plan” feature is always there to show you thousands of customized travel itineraries already created by our registered users.


Finding the perfect accommodation at any city in Australia can be a tricky business but not anymore with travel website at your aid. We provide you with list of the best luxury hotels, resorts, home stays or even B&Bs complete with details of facilities provided, photos, customer ratings and reviews. In case you have already booked an accommodation of your choice, you can always add it to your plan and keep going.

MelbourneAustralia is an extensive country with amazing tourist spots beaded through it’s length and breadth. Be it capital Canberra, the fascinating Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast, Adelaide and so many that you can never miss out. Try online Vacation planning which intricately designs your travel plan talking care of the smallest detail. Transport options within a city, how many days to stay, where to visit and where to eat, we offer you the entire list. All you need to do is browse as choose as per your own. You can also “add activity” of your choice and the budget calculator will mete out the total expense in seconds showing it on the right hand corner of your computer or mobile app screen

The travel plan you and us are together making is complete with all details of timings ensuring you do not have to waste a single moment of your perfect vacation. Our drag and drop feature provides you another awesome way to rearrange and make your own plan perfect.

SandTo top it all, we have the exciting feature of Group planning where you can add your co-travellers to view, share, edit and modify your plan accordingly. The accommodation, transport and all expenses will be aligned for the total number of persons you are including in your trip plan automatically. You are sure to be left surprised at the total estimated budget as we offer the best possible prices for your ultimate perfect vacation to Australia.

Plan a Trip to London like a Londonder

The latest trend in travelling that is fast catching up is probably to plan a trip like a local, and it is amazing indeed. Picture this, you have just returned from a trip to London, and your social media shines with the nitty-gritty of London like a true-blue Londoner. How cool is that! Travel websites is the right place to give you a detailed guide of how to plan a trip to London like a local.


1. Place To Stay

To travel like a local, you have to quit the fancy hotel dream and look for accommodation options that guarantee home comfort. TripHobo offers you the best ever deals on staying options that welcomes you to the warm cosiness of an English home.

2. Food

The next thing to cross your mind once a roof over the head has been arranged, is of course food. What to eat and where to eat it. Have a quick look at this list picking out the best places to drop in at your mealtimes.

Lunch- You’re in London then you cannot miss out on the gorgeous beef delicacies at Hawkesmoore. Want a happy meal that makes you smile? Try the Breakfast Club . Did I mention they have a doorway that’s apparently a gigantic fridge leading you to a bar?

BrunchWeekend Brunch- Get your Sunday sorted with the sumptuous brunch at Caravan.

Supper – Dine with locals and please your ears to that sexy British accent over food at VizEat.

Street Food- You can’t miss out on the wide variety on offer at Exmouth Market.

3. Drinks et. al.

East London is actually where the nightlife is. Among its endless number of awesome bars , underground clubs , live music at Cargo and rooftop parties at Queen of Hoxton deserves special mention. If you are more of an artistic, introvert person you should visit the Churchill Arms at Notting Hill.

4. Culture

If you’re a person with a cultural bent of mind, you want to attend the music festivals at the parks of London all summer including mega events like Wireless or Field Day. Spruce up your inner popstar at the Karaoke at Gospeloke, complete with your own gospel choir back up. Watch a play at the famous National Theatre in South Bank. (Londoner’s tip: get in the ticket queue as early as 9 am for budget deals)


5. Shopping

You absolutely need to shop for classy designer vintage English wear at Rokit or Absolute Vintage.

At Greenwich market, you will get homemade handicrafts you can gift your special someone back home. Planning to redo your interiors? How about you add a few antiques from Portobello Road Market.

6.Roaming the City

Who can miss out on the “Tube” to get across London like a native? Aside that, may be taking a stroll along in the countless number of lush parks in London and may be sometimes catching up a football match at London’s famous stadium isn’t a bad idea at all!

No other travel website would provide you with this information. What are you waiting for? Plan a trip! London calling.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Orlando

Orlando is the most popular tourist destination located in Central Florida and is a perfect place any honeymooner would wish to visit. Orlando is also the home for Walt Disney World and so your kids are sure to have a huge bang here. There are many attractions here and Orlando tourism no doubt does great justice to its visitors every year. There are a range of cultural experiences to adventures and restaurants and fun out-door activities making Orlando the most visited nation in the world. Let me put worth my top 10 reasons to visit Orlando for my fellow buddies. You can plan a trip to Orlando with best Orlando trip planner for best experience.


Top Reasons to Visit Orlando:

Fun in the parks -

Theme parks here are a definite not to miss here as there are vibrant and gigantic theme parks here such as the Sea world, Busch gardens, Universal Studios, Disney World etc., here. Kids are sure to have a wonderful time in these parks.


Affordability -

The theme parks, wildlife sanctuaries, shopping places here have deals and discounts for everybody visiting Orlando .There are excellent ways to get tickets for attractions at cheap rates and eminent Orlando travel guides should be able to guide their crew on this. These deals could be booked online as well. 


Beaches -

 The cocoa beach, the Daytona Beach here offers amazing views of the crystal clear sand and the water. There are lot of entertainment options available here and kids could enjoy carnivals and boardwalk attractions hosted here while adults enjoy great music at the beaches.


History -

The Kennedy space centre offers the best history behind the evolution of man with significant events. The downtown Orlando is not just a place for party and fun and offer excellent history behind the city.

Wildlife -

Just get set for a swim in the crystal river to grab great scenery of the wildlife here. Whale watching and bird watching at the space coast and the Merit Island respectively are great options to explore exotic wildlife in Orlando.


Shopping -

Orlando tourist information has great scope for shopaholics. A vacation here is not complete without a flee for its endless shopping malls and shopping spots at the theme parks.

People -

The people here are extremely hospitable and are great companions and finding an accommodation here is damn simple. They indeed make our vacation meaningful; especially teens get a lot of company here, with huge number of colleges around.

Events - 

The city hosts lots of events for its visitors, and most of them are hosted free or at a low cost for its visitors. So without spending much, we could grab the best of Orlando.

Food -

Try not to get fed at the regular restaurants found everywhere. There are delicious cuisines of Orlando that are cheap and found in all restaurants with great discounts indeed.


Landscape -

Orlando is filled with amazing landscapes the green scenery, its meadows and clean roads are an attraction by themselves.


What to do in Jersey City

Jersey City is located in the state of New Jersey. It is a big city with a beautiful skyline. Known for its avenues through water, this city serves an important port for trade of goods. Most of the people are involved with industrial work in this city. In the olden times, Jersey City was inhabited by Dutch people who had their whole level of civilization in the city. After that era’s end, the remnants of their stay have remained till date and are important for the tourism of this city. You can also plan a trip to New Jersey for best travel experience.


Popular for:

The most popular place to visit in Jersey City is the 9/11 memorial. The name of this memorial is Empty sky which itself is so capturing. This is the memorial based on the terrorist attacks on World Trade Centre by the Al Qaeda group. The second thing to see is the Statue of Liberty. Every year, this statue attracts tourists from all over the world. And the next most famous place is the Liberty State Museum which is a science center. This place is completely dedicated to the branch of science. The best part about this place is the IMAX movie.

Liberty_State_Park _Jersey_City_NJ

Recreational activities:

There are several ways of recreation in Jersey City. Golf is very famous in this city especially at Chelsea Piers. People can also rent bikes to Central Park and ride to their hearts content. One can easily enjoy the scenic beauty of Jersey City after renting these bikes. There is a museum of Jewish heritage located in this city which has an intricate display of stuff related to Judaism and its culture. One can also go to the gaming parlor known as King Games. This parlor offers all sorts of games like chess, video games, etc. Also, the Shen Tao studio is a place meant for peace and relaxation. It offers yoga and meditation classes.


When to visit:

One should know when to visit Jersey City. The best time to visit Jersey City from September to October. These months have a pleasant weather- one that is neither too warm, nor too cold. Yet, most of the festivals are conducted in the month of April, June and July. In April, a four day long festival takes place which is totally dedicated to Jazz music. Everything about this festival is totally musical. On the 4th of July, the Jersey City arts festival takes place which is also a high tourist attraction.


Have A great Time And Enjoy With The Number Of Things to do in Saint Louis.

The major Midwestern metropolis with richness in culture and largest metropolitan area in Missouri is Saint Louis. The city is also called as Gateway to the west. June through September is best time to visit Saint Louis. The favourite food of Saint Louis is the Lasagna, hunter’s egg, squirrel fish, grilled steak Fajita Tacos, Banh Xeo, Burrata, Birria never miss to relish these dishes. You can explore more with itinerary planner with better travel experience.


Apart from the city sightseeing Saint Louis day trips are ones never to be neglected. The merging of Illinois River with Mississippi is named to be Crafton, IL the Great river road. Pere Marquette State Park is a great place for day trippers, with hiking trails, gorgeous views with lots of fun during mid-summer. Augusta and Hermann, MO is a beautiful country with major attraction being the wineries. You can either rent bikes or ride the Katy rail for more adventures in daytrip.


There is more number of interesting things to do in Saint Louis. Delmar Loop is a six-block entertainment and shopping district with bars, restaurants, live music venues, clothing boutiques and plenty more. Don’t miss the show at Tivoli theatre about the solar system with planet walk exhibition. Never miss to participate fair and festivals of the tourists place so you get to know new ideas. February brings Mardi Gras Celebration May brings Rib America Festival and delicious BBQ to town. Visitors can also have great time with free live concerts.


Saint Louis sightseeing is filled with number of places to see and enjoy. For sculpture, landscape architecture, art, innate plants, six rain gardens and for gorgeous scene City Garden is the right choice. Laumeier Sculpture Park portrays over 70 outdoor sculptures with a musical Amphitheatre during special events. Never forget to take a trip to Anheuser-Busch Brewery where you can see Budweiser Clydesdales and many more brands. Schlafly bottle works is a free brewery tour with nearly 50 flavours of wine.


Saint Louis tourist’s attractions are, the Forest Park which attracts more than 12 million visitors each year for its picturesque walking and biking trails. The other entertainments include a greenhouse with floral display and golf course. Magic House is the first interactive children museum with a wide range of activities especially for children. One of the cities important attractions is the Saint Louis zoo. This is famed as one of nation’s most important zoological park. The entertainments and activities for children are never ending. Plan for a night out at Washington Avenue or Laclede’s landing by spotting for the best bars, dance clubs.


Explore Atlanta sightseeing and enjoy in the mixed culture and traditions this vacation

With the revitalization movement of the downtown in atlantes, there are more significant places to see in Atlanta with geared the land for the preparation of the Olympic Games in the year 1996. Atlanta is a more tourist friendly city with excellent public transport systems, great attractions and lots of hotel and dining options. Let us explore some of the best Atlanta sightseeing spots in our article. You can explore more with itinerary planner for better travel experience.

Best places to visit in Atlanta:

The Aquarium:

The Georgia aquarium is located on the downtown of Atlanta and is been open for public viewing from the year 2005. The aquarium has more than eight gallons of water and enough aquatic life, compared with all others in the world. It is also the largest aquarium ever made by man.


World of Coco-cola:

This was opened in the year 2007, in the heart of the city of Atlanta downtown from the Centennial Olympic park. The facility has more than thousand artefacts and exhibits and is open for public viewing. A 4D theatre, views of the bottling line that produced 8 ounce bottles of the drink and a tasting lounge with free samples are its highlights.


Martin Luther king historic site:

This national historical place draws the attention of tourists all over the world, and is basically a living memorial complex and one of the best Atlanta places to visit. Visitors are given the opportunity to pay homage to the king’s cemetery and to explore his legacy and his life.


Olympic park:

This centennial facility was developed for the summer Olympics in the year 1996 and was later designated for public use. This is a 21 acre downtown facility with the largest interactive fountain with the Olympic ring symbol. There are exhibits water gardens and children play zones to enhance its beauty. It has ample scope for Atlanta sightseeing as special annual events and festivals are hosted in the park in winter season.


Museum of art and the woodruff arts centre:

This is one of the top places to see in Atlanta and is the centre for visual arts and performance centres in the city. The woodruff arts centre has this art museum along with alliance theatre, 14th street playhouse and the symphony orchestra and offers comprehensive entertainment portals for its visitors.

CNN tour:

This is the behind the scenes tour favouring the CNN news channel at its global head station. The tour is open daily and lasts for less than an hour to explore the real happenings at the station. It is important to reserve one’s presence for the tour.

Atlanta centre for history:

This place indeed connects people with their culture and history. There are exhibits here depicting memories of the civil war, folks and arts of the south and the development of Atlanta across ages. There are children playhouses and a living history farm to offer a comprehensive cultural experience for the tourists.


Botanical garden:

The garden is located at the midtown of Atlanta and is spread over 30 acres of gardens and has the best orchids in the entire nation offering the perfect Atlanta sightseeing. The rose gardens and the children gardens spread their fragrance to the entire world. There are on-going educational programs organised for all age groups here.


Fox theatre:

This is a premier entertainment venue in Atlanta and offers exclusive performances starting from concerts to movies and live shows to attract tourists.


Top ten reasons to visit Atlanta and to spend a perfect vacation in Atlanta

Atlanta is the most populous city in the entire United States and is the capital of Georgia. It is the economic and cultural zone of Georgia and is the best tourist destinations in the US. Let us explore Atlanta tourist information and the reasons why people visit the place in this article.You can explore more with online itinerary planner for better travel experience.

Why does tourist visit Atlanta?

Atlanta has a humid and a sub-tropical climate all through the year and the weather she is not that extreme. Tourists could enjoy here all through the year and this makes the place the best tourist destination, all through the year. Atlanta tourism flourishes in the month of July, when the climate and temperature are at its maximum hits.


  1.Provisions for office space:

Atlanta is the best place to be considered by large corporations, the office space in Atlanta is the home for major organisations such as the Delta air lines, Coco-cola etc. that have their headquarters here. The Bank of America plaza is an amazing skyline here and brags on its 38th position in the entire world.

  2.Culture and creativity:

The city is known for its live music scene. The Fox theatre is one best thing to watch here. There are many cultural happenings such as the Atlanta Ballet, Atlanta orchestra, Atlanta opera here, worth watching.


  3.Tourist attractions:

All Atlanta travel guides would project on the attractive and key tourist destinations in the place, such as the Georgia aquarium, World of Coco-cola and the Atlantic station. The country accumulates its foreign exchange through tourism every year.



  4.Sports related activities:

Atlanta is home for some of the best and major teams of the world, which always put in their best game and efforts. Some of them worth mentioning here are the Atlanta hawks, Atlanta braves and Falcons.


Atlanta airport is the busiest of all airports and has linking flights to all destinations in the world. Getting in and within the United States is quite easy through the Hartsfield Jackson international airport in Atlanta.



Atlanta has got the world’s largest aquarium, the Georgia aquarium where adults and kids could enjoy watching loads of fish species underwater.

7.Explore CNN and world of coco-cola:

Guided tours are arranged to explore the insides of the CNN news channels and the world of coco-cola to gain insight in the working and functionalities of these giant companies.

  8.Nightlife and hospitality:

One of the best 10 reasons to visit Atlanta is the southern hospitality the people offer here. Their warmth and the exquisite food available here ranks high in preferring Atlanta as a holiday destination. Atlanta’s nightlife is much thriving to get tourists glued on to the city.


9.Gardens and historical centres:

The museum of art, the botanical gardens and the Atlanta historical centre frame the key notes of Atlanta tourism.


  10.Beauty and climate:

The state of Atlanta is the best and the beautiful city in the US with green spaces all throughout. The temperature here is also moderate all through the here, supporting its tourism department.


Think of Atlanta, when you plan for a perfect vacation with your family. You can explore more Atlanta tours for best tourist experience.


12 Best Family Holiday Destinations in Europe

This holiday season splurge on a lavish vacation with family in Europe. You can't treat yourself or your family to something better than an European holiday. The continent is rich with countries that have fascinating cities to designed to make your holiday perfect. When you travel to Europe, you realize that the world has so much more glamor to it, while Europe sightseeing introduces you to artistic and natural beauty on another level altogether. So if you've finally made up your mind to explore this continent this holiday season with the help of trip planner, here is a list of options for you to choose from ecstatic Europe.

Europe things to do and see -


Do you actually need an explanation to why you should travel to London? Visit the elegant British museum, get a glimpse of the tower of London, and the avant-garde Tate Modern which come highly recommended. The city has something in store for everyone that comes its way. There it is an ideal family destination.



This fashion capital of course calls for a whole lot of shopping and a visit to the Eiffel tower. But that not all what Paris is about. This city houses marvels of art and serves some sinful cuisines. You have old churches and museum here as well. A perfect family holiday sure comprises of good food, decent places (check the best Paris tours), shopping and a whole lot of fun. Where better than Paris can you find it in a combo?



An enthralling city with a sparkling nightlife and yummy cuisines. Berlin serves as a trend setter and is pretty modern in terms of fashion and otherwise. The city is home to museums, memorials and plenty of attractions that are historically significant.



A romantic perfect. If family is you and your spouse alone, you need not look further, make a stop at Venice. However, even if you choose to visit Venice with parents and kids the city will not let you down. You can explore the many theaters, churches, historic sites and notable eateries on your perfect family holiday here.



The artistic city boasts of ancient museums, Picasso paintings, marvelous architecture, old churches and delicious cuisine. The scenic beauty and picturesque views of Florence makes it tough to make a choice and pick one destination to travel to in Europe.



A city where the old and new unite. Barcelona is home to ancient as well as recent architecture. The city is home to churches, museums, parks and hosts a throbbing nightlife. It also offers magnificent views of the Mediterranean.



You'll fall in love with the airport to begin with. Amsterdam is not only a red light district of a city flooded with coffee shops. You need to visit here to understand its core. The other side of the coin is stacked with shopping outlets, equisite restaurants serving Indonesian cuisine and can also serve as an educational excursion for kids.



The city of music that spreads love! Prague is more like a fairy land with ancient Gothic architectural structures and fascinating surroundings. The city is more a less a package that includes everything at a price that wont be too harsh on your pocket.



Art lovers should make a stop here. The gorgeous city is a whisk of art and music with a pat of history. With family you can enjoy the exquisite sights and grab your bit of historic knowledge in Vienna.



This is more about traditional cuisines wines and olives paired with mesmerizing views of the city. Tuscany falls in the countryside of Italy and therefore is a blend of elegant cypress trees, castles-turned-wineries-turned-hotels, cascading hills, sprawling vineyards and a lot more.



With a part in Europe and a part in Asia, Istanbul is a piece of two continents. The city therefore is rich with heritage and history. The commendable architecture, churches, malls, bazaars and more make Istanbul an ideal destination with family especially.

Istanbul-2615727_640 (1)


There's nothing like this blessed city in Europe. You can't afford to skip this city. Rome, the city of seven hills is often considered magical and eternal. This city is therefore ideal for a family vacation in Europe. The enchanting city is best for its Italian cuisines and the Pizza Navona. While Rome surrounds the Vatican city, go with family and explore the artistic Vatican museums. Explore more with tours to Rome for better travel experience.


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How to Plan the Best Holiday to Boston

Charming ubiquitous red-bricked neighborhoods, public green spaces, a rich history and a perfect blend of traditional and modern architecture- that’s Boston for you! This largest city in Massachusetts has a relaxed vibe and offers all the benefits of a metro city without the fast pace. This delightful town is just perfect for a quick little sojourn! Want to plan a holiday in this historical city? Check out these trip planner and tips before you do!

image from

What is the best way to travel?

The public transport system in Boston is highly efficient as well as inexpensive and so, commuting in the city is very easy. Apps like City Mapper are a great way to find out about the quickest and the most convenient commute options. If you are travelling to Boston from another city in America, then check out options like MegaBus which provide you with transportation services at throwaway prices!

image from

What are the best accommodation options?

Selecting the right place to stay is an important factor in any travel planning process. Ideally, choose an accommodation option depending upon your itinerary so that all the major attractions you want to visit are easily accessible. From luxurious hotels to reasonable priced Airbnbs and pocket-friendly hostels, Boston has a wide array of options for you to choose from

image from

What to eat?

Boston offers tourists with a lot more delicacies than chowder and lobster rolls. Chicken Pho, duck tongue, clam chowdah, fresh sushi and obviously, the famous Boston cream pie are some of the dishes you must try out when in Boston! Also, foodies! Do not forget to visit the Chinatown neighborhood for some mouthwatering Chinese food as well as the North-End neighborhood for some authentic Italian classics!

image from

What are the must-visit places?

The Freedom Trail -

It is a 2.5-mile-long (4.0 km) path through downtown Boston. 16 of Boston’s most historically significant places which tell you the story of  the United States

Boston Commons -

One of America’s oldest parks, this giant green retreat in the heart of Boston is a peaceful oasis.

image from

The North End -

Home to Boston’s Italian community, the vibrant neighborhood of North End is one of America’s oldest residential neighborhoods.

image from

Harvard University -

The oldest University in America, the Harvard needs to introduction. The ancient architecture and the history of this place are highly fascinating.


Sam Adam’s Brewery -

A major brewery in Boston, this place offers free tours for tourists to understand the process of beer manufacturing. Plus, you get to sample free beer!

Skywalk Observatory -

This observatory at the top of the Prudential Towers offers the tourists with 360-degree panoramic view of the Boston City.

Museum of Fine Arts -

Considered to be one of the most comprehensive collections of art in America, this museum displays a huge plethora of exhibits- from ancient Egyptian artefacts to modern art.


The Black Bay Park and Newbury Street- An uber-chic neighborhood, this bustling area is home to some of Boston’s finest shopping options.

Boston Harbor- No virtual trip planner is complete without a cruise on this natural estuary of the Massachusetts Bay. From shipwrecks and lighthouses to waterfronts and forts, there are numerous points of attraction at the Boston Harbor.

Boston harbor